Hilton Molino Stucky Venice , a resplendent hotel in Venice


Hilton  Molino Stucky Venice beckons you to embark on a journey of unparalleled elegance

by Alexandra Mas

photos Marco Tassini

featuring Laisan 

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice stands as a resplendent sanctuary gracing the picturesque shores of Giudecca Island in Venice, offering an unrivalled panorama of the entire city. This esteemed establishment is not merely a hotel; it is a masterpiece, ensconced within the meticulously restored confines of a historic mill— a beacon of post-industrial architectural renaissance. With its alluring red brick façade, majestic neo-Gothic tower, and geometric architectural precision, Molino Stucky rightfully claims its place among Italy’s top 100 architectural treasures. Molino Stucky’s crown jewel is its rooftop terrace, an enchanting sanctuary where the lagoon stretches before you, an ethereal vista suspended between sea and sky, framed by the eternal silhouette of Venice.

The Hilton Molino Stucky Venice  has a privileged location and a rich history. Situated in the heart of the Giudecca island, it is housed in an industrial architecture building, unanimously considered one of the finest examples of the restoration of a historically significant factory.The structural magnificence and aesthetic splendor of the edifice seamlessly blend with contemporary interiors, creating an ambiance of timeless elegance. Each visit to this establishment is a symphony of opulence and refinement, orchestrated by a team renowned for their impeccable hospitality. Boasting 379 sumptuous rooms and suites, including a presidential suite complete with a surprising private terrace, Molino Stucky redefines luxury in the heart of Venice.

The initial project was conceived by the German architect Ernst Wullekopf, who designed it in 1884 at the request of the industrialist Giovanni Stucky. It was a linear structure constructed with red brick. On the central facade of the building, the name “G. Stucky” stands out, above which a sculptural composition portrays two female figures. The one on the right leans against a millstone, while the other is positioned next to a roller mill machine, symbolizing the coexistence of artisanal tradition and industrial progress, as they harmoniously intertwine. In their cooperative gesture, they frame a large clock, symbolizing order, punctuality, and measurable progress. This “cultural” manifesto has accompanied the building through the ages.


featuring Laisan Nurshakorova

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A decade after the initial construction, a tower was added, further enhancing the neo-Gothic facade. Over the years, the building underwent further expansion to optimize production, eventually reaching its final form, spanning an area of over 30,000 square meters. The Molino’s activity was intense and thriving, thanks in part to its cutting-edge technology, producing approximately 50 tons of flour daily and employing 1500 workers. It served as a productive stronghold that significantly contributed to Venice’s economy.

The Molino ceased its operations in 1955, and the building gradually fell into disrepair until 1988 when the Ministry for Cultural Heritage placed restrictions on the entire structure and decided to transform it into a hotel complex. Thus began an extensive restoration and adaptation project that, while respecting the original architecture, restored the Molino Stucky to its former glory.


Hilton Molino Stucky Venice offers a diverse, well-curated, and healthy dining experience suitable for all guests and times of the day. Among the hotel’s offerings, three venues cater to culinary indulgence.

  • Rialto Bar & Restaurant: Open all day, it offers quality yet casual dining, featuring international and Italian classics. Located on the ground floor, it even boasts a charming “secret garden” in the hotel’s courtyard for an al fresco experience.
  • Bacaromi: Inspired by a Venetian bacaro, it serves reimagined traditional Venetian cuisine with a stunning view of the Giudecca Canal. Carefully selected ingredients and contemporary twists on cichéti and more complex dishes make it an authentic local experience.
  • Aromi Restaurant: Ideal for special occasions, this restaurant offers an elegant atmosphere. Its menu takes you on a culinary journey from Venice to the Far East, using exceptional ingredients to create harmonious and flavorful dishes. The interior design reflects a luxury yacht, and the terrace provides a splendid view of the Giudecca Canal.

In all the restaurants at Hilton Molino Stucky, guest care is expressed in every detail. The restaurant service is under the expert supervision of maître Giovanni Burrafato, whose extensive experience allows for accommodating or even anticipating the customer’s needs. He also curates the wine list, a selection of Italian wines with a particular focus on the Veneto and Northern Italy. The sommelier can always guide the customer in creating a perfect pairing, ensuring the ideal harmony between the food and wine sensations.

Aromi restaurant, gourmet at Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, edge magazine cover

For a more relaxed experience, the Rialto Bar & Lounge seamlessly marries Italian tradition with international flair, catering to your cravings for a leisurely drink, delightful lunch, or a quick snack. Breakfast at Il Molino is a celebration of taste and well-being, a harmonious blend of diverse culinary traditions unified by an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Delve into a realm of holistic well-being at the Eforea spa, a luminous oasis nestled within Molino Stucky’s verdant gardens. Here, modern facilities and personalized care converge to offer rejuvenation and tranquility. Fitness enthusiasts, aficionados of cutting-edge and traditional treatments alike, will discover a pinnacle of self-indulgence.

The Skyline Rooftop Bar, Venice’s chicest enclave, invites you to savor an aperitif while gazing upon the breathtaking panorama that unfolds before your eyes. The historical grandeur of Venice, steeped in rich history, graces your feet.

The Molino Stucky Conference Center, the region’s largest, epitomizes efficiency and grandeur. With a plenary hall accommodating over 600 guests and an array of state-of-the-art meeting rooms, it is the perfect stage for diverse events.

Molino Stucky offers an array of unique experiences that artfully weave together ancient traditions and contemporary culture, artisanal craftsmanship and technological innovations. Venice’s allure transcends well-trodden tourist paths, revealing hidden gems known only to those who truly grasp the essence of the Serenissima. 


Let’s follow our stunning top model and step into a realm of private luxury and refinement, a modern Venetian masterpiece with a truly unique Venetian vista. The Molino Presidential Suite, also known as the First Lady Suite, derives its name not only from hosting the former First Lady of the United States but for its refinement and Neo-Gothic tower charm. This suite is the crown jewel of the hotel, offering nearly 300 square meters of space, making it the largest and highest suite in the city. With its private elevator entrance and direct access to the panoramic pool, it provides a lavish experience. The suite includes a spacious living area, a dining room, two bedrooms with walk-in closets, four bathrooms, a kitchenette, a fitness area featuring a gym and a jacuzzi, and access to the private tower, where you can savor breathtaking views of Venice.


Recently renovated, the suite showcases a timeless design, seamlessly blending the property’s style with the elegant aesthetics of the Serenissima. Architect Biagio Forino envisioned the new concept, focusing on creating a refined and welcoming atmosphere that exudes the ambiance of a luxurious home. The design process carefully considered materials, striking a harmonious balance, and ensured a seamless interplay between spaces and furnishings. The architect also dedicated significant attention to the living, relaxation, and dining areas, allowing for intimate gatherings or exclusive functions, all while maintaining a blend of style, sophistication, and versatility. With Frette linens, Murano glass details from Vetreria Venier, and accessories from Calegaro, guests can relish genuine local excellences. Completing the experience is a wine cellar and a panoramic lounge where you can enjoy vinyl records, all under the watchful yet discreet eye of the hotel’s attentive service.

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