Chanel Culture Fund at the Venice Biennale

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In Venice, there exists an Eden-like garden that catches the eye from a boat on the Canal Grande. This lush rose garden is a tantalizing oasis that has long piqued our curiosity. Recently, the doors of Palazzo Malpiero were opened once again to host the CHANEL gala dinner, allowing me to step inside and finally experience the promised fragrance of the roses. The dinner decor seamlessly complemented the Palazzo, effortlessly incorporating Chanel’s signature aesthetic. A gracefully curved table adorned with lace served as the backdrop for a sumptuous meal by Cipriani, presented on Murano glass tableware and illuminated by papier mâché candle holders amidst a sea of roses.

Yana Peel, Global Head of Arts & Culture for CHANEL, presided over the dinner, seated beside Julien Creuzet, the artist chosen to represent the French Pavilion, with Leena Nair (CHANEL Global CEO) and various cultural luminaries, as well as the winners of the Chanel Next Prize.

Yana Peel and Julien Creuzet presiding the Chanel Foundation Dinner in Palazzo Malpieri, Biennale di Arte 2024
view of the Palazzo Malpiero during the Chanel dinner at the 2024 Venice Art Biennale

“Creuzet is an inspiration: a multidisciplinary artist and educator, he is the first person of Caribbean origin to represent France at the Venice Biennale. Julien is versed in poetry, music, film, and animation. He is a prodigious assembler of ready-made objects and possesses an intuitive ability to weave together diverse cultural heritages. His art is inspired by his experiences as an art teacher at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris. But it is also fueled by his desire to travel the world, absorbing everything he sees. Objects found on the shoreline brought in by the ocean’s tide can be exhibited alongside the work of an old master. It is bold and exciting; he is an inspiring figure in contemporary art.”

Yana Peel, Global Head of Arts & Culture for CHANEL

For over a century, CHANEL has championed excellence in art and culture, driven by curiosity and generosity, always embracing the avant-garde. In alignment with the visionary spirit of its founder, Gabrielle Chanel, and her aspiration to be part of the unfolding future, the CHANEL Culture Fund fosters artistic innovation, empowering artists to push boundaries.

Oona Doherty Choreographer 2024 NEXT Prize Winner

Fox Maxy Filmmaker & Visual Artist 2024 NEXT Prize Winner

Anna Thorvaldsdottir Composer 2024 NEXT Prize Winner

Moor Mother Poet & Musician 2024 NEXT Prize Winner

Sam Eng Game Developer 2024 NEXT Prize Winner

Kantemir Balagov Filmmaker 2024 NEXT Prize Winner


Explore the French Pavilion and immerse yourself in Creuzet’s vision until November 24th.

Julien Creuzet photographed by Djiby Kebe, CHANEL Culture Fund

CHANEL – Photographer Virgile Guinard