Le Cercle d’Art in Paris launches a new season and a collective painting exhibition


By Alexandra Ramon y Ruiz

Le Cercle de l’Art is a dynamic initiative driven by the ambition to empower artists.
Launched in 2020 by the artist Margaux Derhy, the project aims to create a special relationship between artists and collectors, based on the acquisition of a work over 12 monthly installments throughout the year.
The buyer becomes a member collector by joining the circle of the participating artist by providing them with a monthly income for a year and fostering human connections.
As the third season commences, it promises a rich array of activities, blending philosophy, art history, and writing courses.


Exhibition at Galerie Larock-Granoff

Until November 18, art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the captivating works of ten Le Cercle de l’Art artists at the Galerie Larock-Granoff in Paris. The exhibition, titled “Matières d’Être,” showcases the collaborative efforts of Charlotte Barrault, Janique Bourget, Béatrice Bissara, Margaux Desombre, Solène Kerlo, Elisabeth Lincot, Andréa Mongenie, and Carla Talopp. This collective display marks a significant milestone since the inception of Le Cercle de l’Art in 2020, providing a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of these artists.

Details of the exhibition:

  • Duration: October 19 to November 18, 2023
  • Venue: Galerie Larock-Granoff, 13 quai de Conti, 75006

Let’s immerse ourselves in the artistic universe of three of the artists exhibiting their artwork.

Solène Kerlo


Caroline Derveaux


Janique Bourget