ASVOFF 15 – a celebration of fashion, culture and film

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The recent endorsement by the French Ministry of Culture resonates with ASVOFF’s ongoing commitment to artistic creativity and the relentless pursuit of cultural enrichment and diversity. By elevating cinema as a tangible asset, the festival radiates its unique and artistic aura, not only across France but also to the international community.

Diane Pernet

ASVOFF Festival receives official homologation from the French Ministry of Culture


Diane Pernet, our chef editor and the visionary founder and director behind the ASVOFF (A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival), is thrilled to unveil a significant milestone in the festival’s illustrious history. ASVOFF has proudly garnered official recognition from the French Ministry of Culture, a prestigious accolade that acknowledges its profound impact on France’s cultural heritage and unwavering dedication to converging the realms of fashion, style, and cinematic beauty.

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From its very beginnings, ASVOFF, the pioneering and exclusive fashion film festival, has evolved into a cultural time capsule that effortlessly transcends boundaries and delves deep into the very core of human experiences. It has consistently delivered the newest aesthetics of fashion and beauty, approaching and ultimately becoming a new form of art, a prisme of the ever-evolving present society, placing the tempos of the future. 

ASVOFF benefits from steadfast support from influential figures within the industry, including Adrian Joffe from CDG, Sylvain Amic, Conseiller en Charge des Musées, des Métiers d’Art, du Design et de la Mode at the Ministère de la Culture, and Jay-Jay Johanson, the President of this edition.

The upcoming ASVOFF 15 promises to be a celebration of creative expression, a journey into the exploration of visual identities, and a vibrant showcase of pluralism. It unveils eight meticulously curated themes, spanning from sustainability to digital fashion, the Black Spectrum, student films, and the official competition. ASVOFF 15 continues its commitment to nurturing a dynamic and visionary program, with a special emphasis on “Climate Warriors”—an innovative curation program designed to empower young minds and activists aged 6 to 12, inspiring them to become guardians of the Earth.

ASVOFF 15 , Diane Pernet, edge magazine, Cover illustration by Miguel Villalobos

Diane Pernet launched ASVOFF in 2008. As the founder of theworld’s first film festival dedicated to fashion, style, andbeauty, she is widely considered to have incubated the‘fashion film’ from its infancy to the popular genre that ithas become today. “Diane has never ceased to amaze mewith her amazing curiosity about things, her ability tosynthesize arcane information and make it palatable foreveryone else,” says Tim Blanks, editor-at-large for The Business of Fashion. “So actually, Diane is a conduitbetween now and what’s to come.”


When : November 9 – 12, 2023

Where : Dover Street Market Paris

35 – 37 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 75004 Paris

Documentary filmmaking remains at the festival’s core, exemplifying a profound commitment to unveiling reality and conveying captivating narratives. The festival will present remarkable films such as “Queendom” by Agniia Galdanova and the highly acclaimed “Invisible Beauty,” directed by Bethann Hardison and Frédéric Tcheng, which received accolades at Sundance and will make its premiere in Paris. The exploration of the nuanced world of fashion and couture continues with “The Versace Saga” by Nicklaus Olivier, a tribute to the flamboyant designer Gianni Versace, the captivating chronicle “Kingdom of Dreams,” and a heartfelt homage to academy-award nominated costume designer Arianne Phillips in “Dressing the Part,” directed by Michael McCool.

In a world where diversity and pluralism stand as the pillars of progress, ASVOFF shines as a guiding light, leading the industry toward a more inclusive and promising future. This cinematic journey is not just about films; it epitomizes the elevation of beauty, the celebration of our differences, and the universality of our dreams—a profound essence, beautifully encapsulated by Diane Pernet.