Emerald Enchantment: A Festive Jewellery Tale by Boucheron

a la une, High Jewellery

by Alexandra Mas

Lets the myriad occasions we have in life to revel and the countless ways to do so. It’s a universal truth that the most memorable celebrations are those shared with loved ones. In a magical gathering, Maison Boucheron brought together its esteemed ambassadors for an unforgettable evening.

Each ambassador brought their unique touch of jewellery to the occasion. If you’re looking for inspiration to thrill your loved ones or indulge yourself, let our distinguished guests guide you. The radiance of the evening was as bright as a thousand stars, true as the Boucheron gems. 

On Alexa Chung’s wish-list was the Serpent Bohème collection, a timeless creation that has been reinvented since its debut in 1968. Its iconic teardrop design is meant to enhance your radiance, making it the perfect choice for those who wish to scintillate without fear.

BOUCHERON EOY Emerald Enchantment-edge–magazine-Serpent Bohème
BOUCHERON EOY Emerald Enchantment 2023 – 16-9 – Alexa Chung – Serpent Bohème look, edge magazine, Alexandra Mas
BOUCHERON -edge-magazine- Serpent Bohème Solarité necklace paved with diamonds, in white gold
BOUCHERON EOY -edge-mag-Emerald Enchantment, Mila Al Zahrani – Quatre Classique look

Mila Al Zahrani, on the other hand, selected the Quatre collection, first introduced in 2004. Drawing inspiration from the Boucheron archives, it features four patterns that may seem unrelated, but when combined, they create a unique aesthetic. This collection symbolises strength and protection, ideal for those who boldly express their personality and style.

BOUCHERON - edge-magazine-Quatre Classique small ring, paved with diamonds, in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and brown PVD
BOUCHERON EOY-edge-magazine- Emerald Enchantment 2023 – 4-5 – Quatre Classique
BOUCHERON EOY-edge-magazine- Emerald Enchantment, Rola Drew, Vendôme Liseré look

Rola’s choice was the Liseré collection, which draws inspiration from the octagonal shape of Place Vendôme, a subtle nod to the Maison’s founder, Frédéric Boucheron, who opened his boutique there in 1893. This collection is designed for those who march to the beat of their own drum and refuse to conform to the norm.

BOUCHERON - edge-magazine-alexandra-mas-Vendôme Liseré engagement ring, green tourmaline

Vendôme Liseré engagement ring, green tourmaline, diamonds and lacquer

For Han So-hee, it was all about grace and the exquisite peacock feather. This historical Boucheron design, inspired by nature and symbolising weightlessness, presents a true challenge for the Maison’s jewellers. They meticulously craft each detail to stay true to the vision of Frédéric Boucheron. This collection is perfect for those who are ready to take flight and embrace their inner elegance.

So, have you found the perfect presents to make your own celebrations even more enchanting?

Nuri earrings set with a 1.75 ct rose tourmaline, a 1.48 ct pear yellow beryl, multicolored sapphires, orange grenats, onyx, diamonds, in titanium

BOUCHERON - Nuri earrings set with a 1.75 ct rose tourmaline, a 1.48 ct pear yellow beryl, multicolored sapphires, orange grenats, onyx, diamonds, in titanium, edge magazine
BOUCHERON EOY-edge-magazine- Emerald Enchantment 2023 – 16-9 – Han So-hee – Plume de Paon look