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Persona | Ana Maria Ariciu, Ana Pandea, Daniela Burnete

18 April – 12 May, 2022

The Persona exhibition displays two-dimensional and three-dimensional works depicting portraits subjected to depersonalisation mechanisms to the public. As the title of the exhibition reveals, the word persona meaning “mask” in Old Latin, the main concern we identify in the three distinct variants of visual expression is the portrayal of the masks under which the true identities are hidden.

„This exhibition proposal, although it has the characteristics of an experiment, is more a transposition of an immediate everyday reality of the way in which three artists can reflect, each in its own specific way, in the immediate reality of the other, naturally reflecting its own language, without to determine or condition the other. This challenge starts from each participant’s own and extremely personal experience in relation to herself, to the other, to the language assumed and accurately reflected in the immediate time. Spontaneous reporting has no other desire than the natural assumption of finding oneself, beyond any social context which, although it does not deny or challenge, does not replace it, but looks at it with a necessary distance from within the safety of an own language ”, Ana Pantea.

Ana Maria Ariciu, ceramic artist, equally passionate about colour and shape, has been in the field of ceramics for almost two decades, “a field in which the strictness of the craft helps you force colours to become shape” – as the author herself states: “I created objects- pretext to tell sometimes with melancholy, sometimes with humor, about a world where dream and play intertwine, where realities merge. In an age of series, multiplication and depersonalisation, I rediscovered the taste for craftsmanship, for the gesture-imprint, for the careful, sometimes calligraphic, on the drawing, for the relationship with the object, and the chosen materials, raw, old as wood and clay , they strengthened this relationship “. In this exhibition context, Ana Maria Ariciu treats the portrait in a stylized way, purified both in round bumpy works subject to decorative rigours, and in ceramic tiles where she assumes the assumed pictoriality.

Ana Pantea, an expressionist painter par excellence, an ardent colorist, approaches the title Persona from already recognizable personal stylistic angles. Developed on large surfaces, his compositions made of oil on canvas tend to be monumental, through the frontal positions of the characters, through the iconographic attitudes, through the load of color layers that reveal the temporal stages of their settlement. The verve with which figurative details are accentuated or canceled at the same time is a controlled one, each articulated-gestural movement of the brushstroke is managed in the sense of a harmony of the whole

Daniela Burnete, an artist of pictorial plurality, deciphers the title Persona in the most obvious, almost pejorative way, through “the series of paintings on canvas, grouped under the generic Bambole that exposes an eminently feminine universe, dominated by gender stereotypes (doll woman, strong woman, the immaculate woman, etc.). The character portraits are inserted in a vegetal space, in which male symbols appear ”, Daniela Burnete.

In the case of Daniela Burnete, Persona refers to the role that the female character plays, mimicking gestures, wearing masks, allowing only certain parts of themselves to transpire. The characters are approached scenographically in repetitive, rhythmic, frieze-like positions.

The exhibition is open to the public, starting with Monday, April 16, between 11.00 and 19.00, from Monday to Friday. Access is free.

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