“AT THE HEART OF THE PLASTISPHERE” is an odyssey across 4 continents, 10 destinations to meet locals and their habitat with one specific goal: TO BE AN ACTOR OF CHANGE while relying on the Ikigai principles.

This odyssey will be a platform for meetings – Creators, scientists, committed citizens, artists, personalities, athletes, politicians who each in turn will share together the same objective and the same vocation – Preserve the oceans, Propose solutions and Provide support!

Genre : Feature film committed documentary

Duration : 105min

The “AT THE HEART OF THE PLASTISPHERE” documentary proposes to tackle today, individually, but together, the problem in order to solve it little by little through innovation, good practices, education, exemplarity, initiative while applying I Ikigaï principles. There are of course many solutions. Not that they are ineffective, but the link with the concept of Ikigaï allows me to choose different solutions, but the combination of which certainly leads to change.

A clear goal!

Find solutions to fight against plastic pollution and test new models, on a small scale, to then replicate them in other territories. 4 continents, 10 destinations – and as many solutions tested with schools, shared with the whole world and supported by committed celebrities at each destination. And perhaps even the creation of a new profession, Eboueur des mers?

But this documentary also carries a key measure!

The adoption of a new subject of “ Preservation of Nature and the Oceans ” in official educational programs thanks to the work for years of Jane Goodall and other committed personalities.

This documentary will be the typical example that by joining our forces, our creativity, our Ikigaï, we will all be together on the starting line of this incredible adventure that awaits us and that I can’t wait to share with you all.