Where have the Superheroes gone?

a la une, EDITO

Strange times, decadent you might say. An epoch where glamorous parties are filled with superficiality, the most beautiful attire you can posses. Red carpets battered by silly walkers with no history, no talent and no fantasy, oh and worst, so often no humour.  Where have the superheroes gone?

After decades of fights and victories for women and LGBTQ, this shallow generation is somehow endangering the goal. Because, equality of gender should not be capping from bellow… But thrive, in whatever feminine, masculine or uncertain form you should be. Oh masculinity, the word that became pejorative and why. One should not replace the other, women can be, should be, are equal, and feminism should not diminish thy identity and intellect.“Chercher l’Homme, pardieu! Chercher L’Homme” (looking for the Man) This paraphrase might make you smile, and should so.

Photographer Stéfanie Renoma is taking us on a quest, a crusade of one’s fulfilment, where extravagance is welcomed.

muse Andrea Offredi