Dior menswear by Kim Jones

a la une, Fashion

A Cinematic Celebration of Heritage and Innovation


by Diane Pernet

All photos by Sonny Vandevelde


Kim Jones, a designer I have closely followed since his own brand, once confided in me his ardent desire to lend his creative talents to a prominent fashion house. Now, after five triumphant years at the helm of Dior’s menswear division, Jones masterfully crafted an extraordinary fashion spectacle. In a stunning display of cinematic allure, his show unfolded with models emerging from concealed trapdoors beneath the catwalk, their mesmerising stillness punctuating the stage before they vanished once more.

With this collection, Jones paid homage to the revered legacy of Christian Dior, infusing jackets with resplendent gemstones and oversized cabochons. Cropped trousers, duster-style coats, and single-breasted jackets coalesced seamlessly, illustrating Jones’ unwavering dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship. Although it falls under the ready-to-wear category, Jones fervently draws inspiration from the house’s storied couture heritage, ensuring each ensemble echoes timeless elegance.

An exquisite bag accompanied every one of the 52 meticulously curated looks. Among them, the saddle bag, a resounding success reintroduced by Jones during his inaugural Dior presentation, underwent a contemporary transformation. Nonchalantly swinging a tobacco-hued rendition from his arm, Jones revealed that he had refined it further by introducing a swift-release buckle. Additionally, a diminutive incarnation, affectionately referred to as the “baby” model, emerged in an eye-catching fluorescent green, destined to capture the hearts of social media denizens.

Naturally, the fervent clamour of adoring fans envelops every Kim Jones for Dior Homme show, and this occasion was no exception. The enraptured crowd erupted in ecstatic cheers, particularly for the presence of Cha Eun-woo, an esteemed K-pop luminary, alongside a constellation of other captivating stars from the genre.