Kim Jones’ breathtaking Fendi haute couture show

a la une, Haute Couture, High Jewellery

by Diane Pernet

In the realm of opulent elegance, High Jewellery has reached unprecedented levels of allure, capturing the hearts and desires of connoisseurs like never before. It is this captivating trend that served as the driving force behind Kim Jones‘ breathtaking Fendi haute couture show. Collaborating closely with the visionary Delfina Delletrez, whose introduction of a curated collection of thirty exquisite jewels marked Fendi‘s first foray into this realm, Jones crafted a mesmerising spectacle where colours and embroideries were inspired by the enchanting hues of gemstones, specifically yellow diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.



Jones ingeniously orchestrated a harmonious interplay between the resplendent jewels and the garments themselves, employing a silhouette that exuded sleekness, draped elegance, and fluidity. These ethereal ensembles, meticulously crafted, served as the perfect canvas, allowing the luminous High Jewellery to shine brilliantly. Adding to the allure, the majority of models gracefully clutched a covetable accessory: the new Fendi bag. Designed in the shape of a jewelry box, this rectangular masterpiece seamlessly fused the worlds of luxury fashion and exquisite gems.


Under Jones’ masterful guidance, the catwalk became a veritable tableau vivant, where the convergence of haute couture and High Jewellery wove a narrative of refined sophistication. It is a testament to the enduring allure of these treasures that High Jewellery has emerged as a pinnacle of desire, reaching its zenith in the resplendent realm of Fendi’s showcase.