La Vague Emeraude


I grew up by the Mediterranean Sea. My earliest memories reflect the horizon of the sea, infinite in my eyes, adorned with waves and foam, and the sea-scent that still intoxicates me and always seems present when I think of my childhood.


Preserving the oceans and the planet

The Emerald Wave


Irene has always been passionate about the oceans, and her childhood memories of the Mediterranean sea inspired her to write about their mysteries and secrets. She began writing several manuscripts where fiction and fantasy mixed with the existing universe. Her first novel, “Les Gardiens de l’Océan” (The Guardians of the Ocean), published by Michel Lafon at the end of 2015, received the Youth Literature Award from the Forest of Books and garnered positive reviews from various press articles, including Madame Figaro, Le Point, magazines dedicated to youth, fashion, well-being, and ecology.

For Irene was essential to introduce youth to the beauty and power of the oceans and to try humbly to make future generations aware of the importance of our actions towards the planet. With this in mind, she presents “La Vague Émeraude” (The Emerald Wave) to readers, hoping that future generations will preserve the wonderful marine universe in its natural state.

The novel, inhabited by a strong ecological sense, can be read directly without having read the first volume, which serves as an introduction and a discovery of the City of Acqualys and its characters. Irene’s latest work takes readers on a journey to the world of the depths through the millennia-old people of the Guardians of the Ocean, who live in the mysterious city of Acqualys, as well as the sublime creatures of the abyss.

The story is set in real-time and addresses current topics such as climate change and the consequences of our actions on the planet, is telling us the author. 

Through a series of adventures intertwined with love and friendship, the characters must constantly face all kinds of dangers and betrayals. Irene’s heroes are torn between their two worlds, the ocean and the earth, making it impossible to find agreement. The book comprises thirty-one chapters and thirty-two original illustrations created specifically for the novel.

Irene‘s passion for the oceans goes beyond just writing novels. A portion of the profits from “La Vague Émeraude” will be donated to the À pas de Loup association, which fights against animal abuse. With her work, Irene is not only entertaining and educating her readers but also giving back to the community and making a difference in the world.

A portion of the profits from sales of my novel “La Vague Émeraude” will be donated to the Association A Pas de Loup if you order it from the publishing house and indicate next to your name (ASSO LOUP).


We can’t wait to see it published in English, it’s worth it!



But who is Irene? 



Irene SALVADOR is a complete artist who has conquered many fields such as fashion, music, television, and a talented equestrian. On top of that, she is also a passionate writer who spends much of her time writing children’s fiction.

When you meet this beautiful young woman you are immediately struck by a sense of freedom, a kind of wonderful independence. She is just as wild as the nature of which she is ambassador. Her passion for the environment and nature is genuine, I have known her for two decades and we have been exchanging on these topics ever since.

Her love for the oceans has been revealed to the world through her writings, notably in her first novel “The Ocean Guardians”. This novel transports readers into a wonderful and unexpected world, with a dazzling description of the mysterious world of the abyss and its majestic city. It is no surprise that her first novel was awarded the Forest of Books Youth Literature Prize. (le prix Littérature Jeunesse de la Forêt des Livres)

Irene continues her commitment to environmentalism through her stories, highlighting the importance of protecting the planet and its biodiversity. Her novel “The Emerald Wave” may be fantasy, but it is shockingly timely. She knows how to tackle subjects that our society often shies away from, and to make a story that resonates with the minds of young and very young people, with a narrative that features characters who face up to the consequences of human actions on the environment. A real intellectual investment in future decision-makers, we can say.

In addition to her ecological commitment, Irene is also a very socially committed person. She donates part of the profits from her novel “La Vague Émeraude” to the association À pas de Loup, which fights against animal mistreatment. She also supports the Galgos Association, which recovers and gives up for adoption abused and abandoned dogs, as well as the Petits Princes Association, which helps sick children make their dreams come true. Irene has also participated twice in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, a car competition that takes place in the Moroccan Sahara desert. This unique experience allowed her to discover new cultures while contributing to an important humanitarian cause. Thanks to this competition, she was able to bring valuable help to the most destitute people in the desert.

Irene is a remarkable personality who has combined her artistic talents with her commitment to nature and society. Her journey is inspiring for all those who seek to make a difference in the world.

Alexandra MAS