Horse Power

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“Love for humans, animals, the planet, and fashion,”


Stella McCartney told us, inspired by her mother’s and sister’s equestrian photography and her own passion for horses. It is a celebration of life and the magic that horses possess, with their powerful femininity that is both masculine and feminine, strength, and elegance.

We were inside the oldest French equestrian center, the Ecole Militaire, where both models and horses took part in the show. Stella is living proof that cruelty-free and sustainable fashion can thrive. The collection features the MIRUM technology, apple skin leather, grape skin leather from the wine industry, mycelium Mylo leather (made from mushrooms), rubber (naturally sourced, of course), and all are fully biodegradable. In fact, 98% of the collection is biodegradable, which is the most we can say for any winter collection, not just from her brand.

Each time we talk about Stella McCartney‘s sourcing, which, we have to say, is an achievement in itself, but she is also a brilliant designer who celebrates femininity through the symbolic horses. Her collection is not only an ode to nature but to women’s empowerment, with an equestrian theme inspired by horses’ robes and harnesses and the jumping universe. The collection features soft wool and sharp shoulders, high-waisted silhouettes, and loose dynamics.

Jessica Alba told us, “I always love a cinched waistline, but then I loved the oversized moment and all the slip dresses. Everything was beautiful.”

For Stella, the stars of the show were the seven Camargue wild horses and their trainer. As you can imagine, there is no violence involved in their training, only love.

“He doesn’t use any bridles, any saddles, he’s a horse whisperer…”

Remember the “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones, which has been covered by Linda McCartney? 

by A.I.Mas 

photos by Marco Tassini