The international Roman designer, protagonist at Milan Fashion Week tells us about her new collection, a team game, where the novelty is the Francesca Liberatore and Erreà sports capsule.

Garments with a technological touch, artfully deconstructed volumes and cottons become the best manifesto of an inexhaustible textile research.


“I am a lover of unprecedented fashion performances that give the whole experience something about my vision beyond fashion. This is made possible by placing the carefully selected synergies I have brought together under my creative vision: I think it is in the human relationship and collaboration that the fundamental success of the venture lies: a game to be played and won with complementary forces.

by Silvia CUTULI

“This season’s new entry among my products is the Francesca Liberatore and Erreà sports capsule, the fil rouge of a narrative that places team play on parallel planes with the intuition of fashion intent: nothing can be as fair as a game, a game of thought and with teams.


At a historical social moment like this one, when the words of inclusion, equality and parity are often boasted about, I wanted to show that there is nothing more natural than adherence and education to authentic reality, through teams, white or black, black or coloured, confronting their diversity in the same game.


Another outstanding element of this collection is the textile research that I strongly wanted through Erreà and Lineapelle, placing genuine leather alongside the technical and the accessory such as the brand new K-belts, hybrids between belt and mini skirt. Saguaro diving shoes complete the looks, symbolising the total adherence of the game to the ground of reality.’