Instagram VS Reality


In 2016, I chose to leave the audiovisual industry in Paris for the wine industry in Bordeaux. When we are young, we are often asked what we want to do when we grow up but we never think to ask what kind of lifestyle we want to have. I always knew that I wanted to live close to nature and yet I originally opted for an environment where everything happens in the city. I went into the wine business because of my passion for the product and for the lifestyle it implied.

So here I am in the countryside, far from Paris where I lived for several years. I am still amazed by all these huge castles in the middle of the vineyards that make so many people dream, even if I discovered there a truth far from the strass and the glitter.

For me, this profession was necessarily a milieu of enthusiasts, but I quickly understood that many people worked in it mainly because it was the number one job.

As for the small estates, the versatility of their management must be emphasised. Indeed, the winemaker’s job, which makes people dream so much, is in fact one of the most difficult ones. Viticulture, oenology, but also communication, marketing, accounting. Being a winegrower means wearing a multitude of hats, being on all fronts, it is a daily battle that you must never give up. It is a profession as difficult as it is exciting. However, when asked, they don’t regret anything and wouldn’t want to do anything else.

A few days ago, we got together with several winemakers for a tasting. I was struck by their strength and courage: not only do they produce beautiful wines, but they also have remarkable personalities and they fight. This is why we created the Médoc Family, composed of winemakers and wine professionals, with the aim of highlighting the diversity of the Médoc through wine events.

I was telling you about Alain, but there are also Sophie, Romain, Maxime, Cathy, and so many others. I promise, you will meet them all.

Gueules de Vignerons / Stories from the Vine


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