Ken Okada


G.Wen: How would you define your creative line?
Ken: It is the key, the Ken Okada Paris essential line, rooted into the DNA of the House by its difference.

G.Wen: For Ken Okada, the shirt is a form of art and why?


It highlights the body of a woman by embracing its forms, by sculpting it while transmitting strength and confidence.

G.Wen: How do you approach elegance?
K.: For me, elegance goes from head to the feet. It is the coherence of an outfit with one’ s personality. Having your own style, being unique and atypical is a kind of elegance. For me elegance is the original and not the classic.

G.Wen: How does the link with the Japanese spirit shine through in your creations?
K.: Subtlety, know-how, precision, contrast, and boldness are the fundamentals of the Japanese spirit.

G.Wen: Is glamour associated with your vision of the Woman? How is a Lady conceptualized in your creations?
K.: The glamour in Ken Okada Woman is very subdued, she is not looking for her first facade. 
In Ken Okada Pairs, the woman has strength, femininity and elegance. She has different facets that bring some contrast between them.

G.Wen: Tell me about the spirit of your latest creations and the reference to nostalgia?
K.: For these creations I reinterpreted some of the House’s archives to illustrate the New Look of Ken Okada Paris. A mix between Japanese purity and Parisian elegance. The alliance of a classic shirt with a traditional kimono.


photo Maria Haselhuber EDGE

photo Maria Haselhuber EDGE

G.Wen: You have also edited a series of shirts in reference to musical styles? Can you detail them according to the references?
K.: The piano is represented by the subtlety, the variety of shirts, the classic white shirt. 
The visible clips refer to the cello.

G.Wen: Can you tell me about the fabric of your creations which play on a certain sensation of transparency, lightness and developing an idea of the feminine?
K.: It is the timeless textile that the House has been using for 20 years now. It perfectly represents the sensual woman. For me, it is the best way to represent femininity, sensuality, … better than a nudity.

G.Wen: Can you tell me the history of Ken Okada Paris?
K.: Ken Okada Paris has specialized in high-end Japanese designer shirts for 20 years. It is made in France and reflects a delicate alliance of Parisian elegance and Japanese purity which is aimed at an active, refined, cultured and fashion conscious woman…

G.Wen: Can you make me a playlist of your inspiring creators?
K.: My tastes rarely change, I am faithful to the titles I have been listening to for years.
But right now I’m listening to :
Sofian Pamart – composer / pianist : Medellin / Sahara. 

Sakamoto Lyuichi – Japanese composer : Rain, from the movie ” Last emperor “. 

Philippe Glass : Dead things.

Craig Armstrong : Rise.

Amy Winehouse : Back to back / You know i’m no good.

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AD @ Ken Okada
Makeup @igclaura | Yana @ Cutaddict
Hair @simon_chossier | Zoé @ Cutaddict
AT @depadova_official
Réalisation : Ko Kok
Camera 1 : Tricha Ghurburrun Caméra 2 : Neyer Valeriano
Camera 3 : Ko Kok
Camera 4 : Shaina Mamodaly

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