Pure Dries Van Noten

a la une, Beauty

Dries Van Noten launches his creative genius into the world of beauty and perfume. The DNA of the brand has always been in the way that Dries combines colours and textures in unimaginable ways. That same sense of playfulness is carried forward in this new venture with perfumes and beauty products.  It is Dries so of course he is as concerned with the packaging as much as with the ‘juice’ and the beauty products. For the packaging Dries plays with the glass, colours, mat vs shiny, plastic combined with metal, the take away, pure Dries Van Noten.

In the process of developing the perfumes, Dries invited the noses to his garden in Antwerp. Normally you would expect a creator to work with one nose however Dries wanted to work with an array of noses  and enjoyed finding a balance in his collection from more fresh to heavy chords.



you can see here: Fleur Du Mal, Cannabis Patchouli, Soie Malaquais, Rose Carnivora, Voodoo Chile

Through this new adventure beloved Dries has been able to express his dreams and deliver them to us to enjoy be it a scent or a colour. Admirers of the brand know that the texture is as important in the creation of the designs as the choice of colours. This idea is not lost on the perfumes and beauty products. 

You can expect a dreamy experience when applying the lipstick not to dry and not too slick, just perfect. We all know the true value of perfume is to pass an emotion and to transport you and Dries Van Noten is thinking of all different types of women and how to translate that bit of magic with his scents. 

For someone who could never leave my door without lipstick , I personally cannot wait to discover the new beauty line of Dries Van Noten.

Diane Pernet