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Tala Mazhari launched her artisanal soap brand, Tameez,  with the idea of taking an everyday item that we use on a daily basis and make it into an object of desire and design. She starts her design process with a natural soap base and then starts creating the object.  All products are one-of-a-kind, handmade and contain a minimum of 95% natural ingredients.

The brand debuts with two distinct collections : The Marble Collection and The Precious Collection. The Precious Collection is inspired by precious stones such as emeralds and sapphires. With hints of gold the soaps are equally a design object and one with a specific function. The marble collection is more pop using graphic lines and flashy colors.

A month ago Tala Mazhari opened her first atelier/boutique in the 7eme in Paris. If you are in Paris you can make an appointment to pass by or if not the soaps are available online.

Tameez breaks the mold of soap and starts over.

Available online (
www.tameez.fr) and in the brand’s first atelier-boutique in the 7th arrondissement (1 rue Chevert, by appointment only).

by Diane Pernet