Wardrobe 15 A labor of love

A Meta Averse Universe full of IRL Avatars Look Up!

photo Ferry van der Nat

*Special guest appearance by the legendary supermodel Pat Cleveland

performing her debut single ‘I’m Falling In Love’ exclusively for RV

The first time that I met the Dutch designer Ronald van der Kemp or RVDK as he prefers, was in Amsterdam when I visited his atelier in the beginning of his career. RVDK was founded in 2014 as the world’s first sustainable couture label. All the looks are made ethically with high-end existing materials and leftovers and crafted by hand by small ateliers and artisans in Holland so a small carbon footprint.

I met him much before 2014, he’s been working for over 25 years both for his own brand and as a creative director for other luxury brands prior to 2014. He succeeds in showing the world that sustainable fashion can be glamorous and exciting and every season his signature becomes stronger.

Diane Pernet

I might add that I believe Wardrobe 15 to be his best to date.

Diane Pernet