Winnie D’s Hub

a la une, EDITO

WINNIE D and her Stories from a Glove 


Photographer Tom Hagemeyer went to Winnie’s hub, where her photographs glow with scenes from all over the world. He embraced the place’s brightens and atmosphere.



you can read Winnie Denker’s interview here 



I wanted to keep the photos as raw and simple as it gets – no additional light, no make up. With its grain, it is more analog looking. 

Tom Hagemeyer


short sequence dress Tom Van Der Borght | sandals Ugg and Telfar  |  Michael Kors eye wear 

reversible faux fur pants Tom Van Der Borgh  oxidised silver necklace Marcus Götten

upper photo total look Tom Van Der Borght

reversed pants Tom Van Der Borght  |  plush sandals Ugg and Telfar

dress and embezzled t-shirt  Tom Van Der Borght   |   plush sandals Ugg and Telfar

photographer Tom Hagemeyer 

model Coco Labbee at BM model management 

photography assistant Olga Satir 

Big Thanks to Winnie Denker and Totem Fashion 




total look Tom Van Der Borght


short sequence dress by Tom Van Der Borght  |  sandals Ugg and Telfar  |  sosks Bleufôret

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