Tom Hagemeyer started his fashion photography career during his fine art studies enthused by a gogo dancer friend – who introduced him to local model agencies. Motivated by their positive feedback plus, the fact that a photo seemed much quicker to produce than a painting, he decided to make fashion photography as an integral part of his life. We’re talking about the mids 2000. By reaching out for London and Paris, massive creative campaigns followed quickly and his fine tuning begun.

Tom’s love and curiosity for animals led him to combine fashion with animals as interactive, equal parts –“animals are  not accessories for the models”. To this day, Tom works with different legit film and photo animal agencies – from insects to wolves and leopards, eagles to vultures, snakes and butterflies. For him, it’s important that all animals are treated with love respect and sensibility – no stress for them on the photoset. This needs a painstaking preparation, a strong concept and a lot of experience.

As a formal trained painter Tom knows how to realize concepts – from idea to photo to retouching he’s his own man but really appreciates the collaboration with inspired and motivated creatives. Over the years, Tom did art direction for loads of premium brands like Hasselblad – still his favorite camera brand.