Festive Bar and Restaurant CHEZ LULU


Interviewer G.WEN: Who are you, Lucile Clergerie?

My name is Lucile, but everyone calls me Lulu. I grew up in an artistic environment close to the fashion industry. From the age of 15 to 25, I was in England for my studies, and then I moved to Paris, where I worked for my father in ready-to-wear fashion. However, I quickly wanted to start something on my own, without really knowing what it would be. But I knew it had to involve fashion, decor, music, and, most importantly, making people enjoy themselves, bringing people together. That’s where Chez Lulu comes in! I thank my father, who always whispered in my ear that if I were to start a project someday, I had to do it from the heart, not with the aim of pleasing or fitting into a mold. I think you can really feel that at Chez Lulu! Oh, and Lulu also loves motorcycles



Festive Bar and Restaurant CHEZ LULU

G.WEN: Tell me about Chez Lulu? The concept, the spirit?

Lulu: First and foremost, it’s a place that was designed as a family project. My mother and I worked on the decoration, and my boyfriend Etienne handled the artistic direction. It’s a visually striking place, somewhere between a 1970s Ibiza club and the world of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, with eroticism as a central theme. But it’s a very intellectualized and joyful eroticism, not noisy or vulgar. Lulu is a restaurant, a bar, and a club all in one, where you can gather from 7:00 PM onwards, have dinner, and dance all night in a very friendly atmosphere.

G.WEN: Chez Lulu, Romantic or Erotic?

Lulu: Both! Romantic because it’s the perfect place for couples in love, but also erotic thanks to our dancers and our Burlesque nights.

Festive Bar and Restaurant CHEZ LULU

G.WEN: What’s the connection you have with the seventies?

Lulu:  I was raised by parents (my father is Xavier Clergerie, the founder of the Who’s Next fashion trade show) who partied a lot in the seventies and well beyond!! I’ve always been immersed in this carefree atmosphere.

G.WEN: Does Chez Lulu have a vibe similar to “Le Pacha”? Can you talk about it?

Lulu: Unfortunately, it’s a place I didn’t experience in its early days, but I’ve heard a lot about it as a venue for memorable parties, an absolute reference!

Festive Bar and Restaurant CHEZ LULU
Festive Bar and Restaurant CHEZ LULU

G.WEN: What is the artistic direction of the venue? Is there a Cabaret aspect with the dancers?

Lulu: It’s much more than a cabaret. It’s a place that gives a lot of room to the arts in the broadest sense of the term, whether it’s visual artists, videographers, photographers (we regularly host exhibitions), fashion designers (through our numerous collaborations in this field), or by giving carte blanche to artists we like to showcase. Of course, there are burlesque shows and dancers, but that’s only part of Lulu’s artistic identity.

G.WEN: Do you like Psychedelic art? Do we find a Sergeant Pepper’s or late Yéyé atmosphere?

Lulu: It’s funny you ask that. For the club’s communication, I drew a lot of inspiration from the psychedelic posters of the 1960s, the hippie art with its rounded shapes dripping in pink, orange, and blue. Definitely very Yéyé, yes!

G.WEN: How do you see the nightlife in Paris?

Lulu: It may sound surprising, but I don’t go out anymore! However, I can guarantee you that Paris nightlife is still very much alive. It’s dynamic, and people still want to party in Paris. I don’t like people who keep saying, “Nightlife isn’t what it used to be.” I think it sounds really old-fashioned to say that 😉

G.WEN: How would you define a typical night at Chez Lulu?

Lulu: Dinner with friends around 10:00 PM, admiring the dancers in their ultra-70s outfits, gradually leading to dancing on the dance floor until 4:00 AM!

G.WEN: What’s your most memorable moment at Chez Lulu?

Lulu: The night of the opening when my manager left me in the middle of service, and I had to continue through the opening week with 200 covers every night without knowing anything about the restaurant business. It was the toughest week of my life, but at least you learn very quickly!

G.WEN: What’s your favorite playlist?

Lulu: I listen to DJ Maseo’s set on repeat, but I’m also a big fan of Jamiroquai, Earth, Wind and Fire, D’Angelo, Curtis Mayfield (my favorite track is “Move On Up”), Claude Nougaro… I also really like jazz, like Erroll Garner, and so on.