Artistry in Motion: Kawakubo’s Sculptural Dance with COMME des GARÇONS SS24

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by Diane PERNET

There’s a mystique that engulfs Rei Kawakubo’s COMME des GARÇONS — it’s seldom about fashion in the textbook sense. Rather, one walks into an artistic tableau, where garments transcend their functional bounds to make profound statements. Last season, Kawakubo’s musings delved deep into the primordial soup of life. With Spring/Summer 2024, we’re offered an enigmatic rendezvous with the art of sculpture.

On an extravagantly stretched runway, models treaded like moving art installations. An audience, ravenous for a fresh draught of Kawakubo’s genius, watched intently. Adding to the theatricality, models donned headgear – reminiscent of exaggerated cartoon caricatures but evoking the iconic undercut of Kawakubo herself. This season’s palate seems to be an exuberant counterpoint to the reflective fall, injecting a dose of luminosity to reawaken our senses.

The inaugural ensemble? A cascade of petals, architecturally assembled, nipped at the waist — it was almost reminiscent of nature blooming from a concrete jungle. Then, a jolt of geometry, with biker shorts bathed in primary palettes. As one proceeded, there was an organic evolution: florals flourished on sculptural coats and kaleidoscopic patterns bulged, teasing the eyes. One couldn’t help but marvel at the puffy ribbons adorning garments, hinting at bygone female figures, but with a twist – as if the past had just shaken hands with a lace-laden future.

To truly absorb the profundity of COMME des GARÇONS’ SS24 symphony, a glance through the accompanying gallery is paramount. And for those fashion aficionados tracing the pulse of Paris Fashion Week on Hypebeast, rest assured, more awaits.

On a related note, it seems Andreas Kronthaler delved into Vivienne Westwood’s treasure trove for SS24. An act of reverence or rebellion? Only time will tell.

COMME des GARÇONS SS24 Theme :

To break free of the gloomy present, I hope to present a bright and light future.


Collaboration : 

Salomon Customized by Comme des Garçons

Headpieces : Gary Card

Wigs :  Takeo Arai