Reshaping Runways: The Audacious Symphony of Anna Delvey, Kelly Cutrone, and Shao Yang

a la une, Fashion

by Diane PERNET

New York Fashion Week has been teetering towards monotony however a seismic shift is brewing, a collision of two electric minds set to reshape the scene. September 11th  will witness the electrifying emergence of the audacious pop-up powerhouse, the Outlaw Agency. Spearheaded by none other than the luminous trailblazers, Anna Delvey and Kelly Cutrone, this unconventional partnership bares the potential to jolt the industry out of its complacency and into an exciting new era.

Anna Delvey, a name that resonates with intrigue and controversy, and Kelly Cutrone, a luminous PR star donned in multiple roles, are an enigmatic pair primed to disrupt the fashion cosmos. Delving into the depths of their remarkable journey, it becomes clear that destiny has knitted their paths together in a remarkable dance of fate.

A chance encounter between Anna’s voice on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast and Kelly’s daughter set the wheels of destiny in motion. Anna’s admiration for Kelly’s PR prowess, ignited by the iconic ‘Kell on Earth’ series, set off a spark that propelled her from Berlin to  New York City to pursue a life in fashion. Anna Sorokin, or Anna Delvey as the world came to know her, was no ordinary aspirant. She is a connoisseur of calculated intelligence, a woman driven by the fierce ambition to ascend the ranks of wealth, all while circumventing societal norms.

In a mosaic of reminiscences, Anna’s journey unfurled – from her humble beginnings in a Berlin PR firm, where she wrestled hangers in a basement for meager euros, to her audacious move to New York, fueled by a burning desire to accumulate great wealth for her Anna Delvey Foundation. This is a collision of the unconventional; Anna’s unyielding determination is like a magnet, drawing her inexorably toward the  epicenter of the one percent.

After a two year stay in Rikers Island and currently under house arrest, Anna is ready to do something transformative again. Kelly Cutrone with three decades of industry insight revealed the harsh realities faced by burgeoning designers to her and why it makes sense to form this pop-up agency. The traditional runway’s allure is fading, swallowed by a world enraptured by corn dogs and gelato. A seismic shift is imminent, and Kelly and Anna are ready to rewrite the script.

The genesis of the Outlaw Agency is the culmination of this explosive partnership. With Anna’s celebrity and Kelly’s reservoir of PR mastery, the two are determined  to champion a new breed of designers – rebels with a cause, artists with a voice. The embodiment of “Thelma and Louise meets Mother Teresa and had a baby,” as Kelly aptly put it. With a heart as colossal as their ambition, Outlaw Agency is determined to protect new talents from the perils of traditional fashion’s financial abyss.

At the nexus of this audacity is Shao Yang, the mastermind tailor whose creations adorned Wall Street titans and resonate deeply within the LGBTQ community. Outlaw Agency recognized the silent brilliance that shines from her work, choosing Shao for her craft rather than her name. This is a union steeped in purpose – a revolution in the making.

As the spotlight is focused on Shao’s debut, the Outlaw Agency redefines the fashion show experience. No longer are seats mere placeholders; they bare significance. The invitation itself is a pact, demanding a contribution, whether through words or purchases. A symphony of press, power, and purpose is set to converge on an undisclosed location, becoming a vibrant testament to innovation.

The ripple effect is undeniable. The buzz has already been created in Interview Magazine, Page Six, Grazia and even the media behemoth CNN, a silent spectator for decades, now asks to chronicle the birth of a new kind of media event in the world of fashion. This isn’t just a fashion show; it is an insurgence against the status quo, a radical reimagining of an age-old narrative.

In a dance between Shao’s designs, Jules Wood’s styling prowess, and the sculpting hands of the Outlaw Agency, the stage is set for a spectacle that will transcend mere fashion. The invitational alchemy, the sheer aura of Anna and Kelly, compelled CNN to cast aside its observer’s cloak and embrace the role of chronicler. The guests, poised to witness Shao’s ascent, is testament to the seismic shifts catalyzed by this daring alliance.

As the final strokes of this tapestry falls into place, a mesmerizing truth emerges – Anna Delvey and Kelly Cutrone are forging more than a brand; they are forging a movement. United in purpose, their narrative is a symphony of audacity and empowerment, the prelude to a new era where Shao Yang’s name will etch itself onto the fabric of fashion history.