THE SPACE, an artistic creation by Sarice Brudet and Temorscha Zoltani

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Hamburg, Germany. Sarice Brudet and Temorscha Zoltani, Artists supporting artists by providing a simple thing: THE SPACE.
In the heart of Hamburg’s cultural tapestry lies a unique initiative that embodies the spirit of artistic collaboration and creativity: THE SPACE. Nestled within the historic “Axel Springer Verlag” building, this venue transcends the conventional definition of an exhibition space. It is a canvas in its own right – a meticulously crafted environment designed to enhance and amplify the artistic expressions it houses.
Sarice Brudet, a skilled painter, and Temorscha Zoltani, a creative polymath who seamlessly traverses the realms of painting, poetry, and music, have united their talents to bring forth THE SPACE. As you step through the doors of this haven, a vast expansive dimension, and the commanding presence of concrete walls, becomes and atmospheric backdrop that empowers each artwork to command attention. These minimalist walls possess an enchanting ability to magnify the very essence of every piece of display. Within this architectural embrace, art transcends its static form, engaging in a dialogue with observers. It’s as if the walls themselves merge harmoniously with the creative energy, creating an immersive experience that blurs the lines between the physical space and the art that inhabits it.
This expansive haven meticulously caters to each artistic creation, providing ample breathing room for the diverse mediums and artistic expressions featured. The intentional layout of THE SPACE ensures that every artist’s work can bask in its own spotlight. This thoughtfully curated arrangement nurtures creativity and fosters a deeper connection between the audience and the art. Visitors cease to be mere spectators; they become integral participants in a symphony where the voices of creators and the venue converge to create a harmonious narrative.
But what truly sets THE SPACE apart is its synergistic partnership with the “Freiflächenprojekt für Kunstschaffende Hamburg”, an initiative born from the power of collaboration and shared vision. This partnership functions as a lifeline for artists in search of spaces to express themselves. The initiative, dedicated to transforming vacant spaces into artistic havens, seamlessly aligns with THE SPACE’s mission to create a sanctuary where artists can thrive without being encumbered by logistical concerns.
The current exhibition, titled “WAVES” embodies this ethos of artistic collaboration. Organized by Sarice Brudet and Temorscha Zoltani, it transcends the boundaries of artistic mediums and backgrounds, providing a platform for diverse array of creators to share their perspectives with a wider audience. Featured artists in this vibrant showcase include Niculai Constantinescu and Tina Oelker, among others. Running from the 27th of July to the 31st of August, this vibrant showcase of artistic expression invites visitors to immerse themselves in the narratives woven by the featured artists. As this chapters draws to a close, the exhibition seamlessly transforms to accommodate a new group of artists, perpetuating the dynamic spirit of creative exploration that defines THE SPACE.
The approaching exhibition, set to launch on the 9th of September 2023, anticipates the infusion of fresh artistic marvels. This testament to renewal underscores THE SPACE’s commitment to offering artists an ever-evolving canvas through which they can share their visions.

Creator, Temorscha Zoltani, a multidisciplinary creator poised at the threshold of a transformative journey, was recently accepted into the University of Fine Arts, marking the inception of a new chapter in his creative odyssey. Under the expert mentorship of renowned Professor Anselm Reyle, Zoltani’s potential takes on a expansive and limitless dimension. With bated breath, we await the creative expressions that will inevitably blossom from this fusion of skill and guidance.

Join us in becoming an integral part of this creative voyage. Whether you find yourself in Hamburg or seek opportunities to support emerging talents, consider visiting THE SPACE and embracing narratives unfurling within its walls, you contribute to a legacy of creativity that transcends temporal and spatial constraints. Your presence and support, whether manifested through a visit or making others aware of this opportunity, add layers of depth into this remarkable narrative.
In the midst of the creative currents coursing through THE SPACE’s walls, ensconced within the previous “Axel Springer Verlag”, the artistic odyssey embarked upon by Sarice Brudet and Temorscha Zoltani emerges as a guiding light. Their unswerving dedication not only redefines the rapport between artists, their creations, and the appreciative audience but also stands as a resounding statement to the remarkable potency of their innovative venture – THE SPACE. Your presence and support, interwoven with the boundless potential harboured by emerging talents like Brudet and Zoltani, hold the transformative power to shape the artistic landscape or generations yet to unfold.



Fuhlentwiete 3, 20355 Hamburg

Written and Photographed by Maria Haselhuber