Shipra Khanna wins the World Influential Businesswoman Awards


We are currently going through a unique transition, much like a butterfly’s metamorphosis. In this process, our society may appear unappealing and lacking purpose, similar to a butterfly in its cocoon. Our focus has shifted from following philosophers and scientists to idolising movie stars and stunning supermodels. Now, we find ourselves admiring the girl next door showing of products we don’t need. It’s understandable why a girl would browse her Instagram and desire to see a model who represents her, rather than an unrealistic beauty with unattainable features. In our quest for equality and authenticity, driven by the constant need for comparison, social media has given rise to a new type of individual: The Influencer.

Influencers have existed ever since appearance and attire signalled social status, forever. In the past, they were young nobles, intellectuals, artists, or associates of important public figures. However, a different breed of influencers has emerged, reversing the trend with surprising success. Most of these influencers have average to attractive appearances, and their main accomplishment is accumulating a large number of followers. In a consumer-driven world, their followers enjoy sharing and engaging with images of products they can only dream of affording or silly postures. Luxury fashion, design, hotels, and resorts believe in a certain success here, where only a fraction of followers (0.1%) can afford smaller brand items like perfumes or makeup. Undoubtedly, numbers hold immense power in this realm.

Is this really what you want ? You may argue that footballers have hundreds of millions of followers, and I agree. Cristiano Ronaldo, 586 million followers, and Lionel Messi, 464 million, are closely followed by TV star Selena Gomez, 418 million or Kylie Jenner, who has established herself as a successful entrepreneur. But let’s show talent: Dwayne “The Rock“, Ariana Grande, and then… we have Kim Kardashian with 357 million followers… for what reason? Oh yes, reality TV shows and controversies. Regardless of whether you love or hate her, she has managed to captivate your attention more than the iconic Beyoncé, who falls short by 50 million followers. The most followed brand is NIKE, applause for sports once again. And finally, for the intellectually inclined: National Geographic  278 million followers. We all admire Ellen DeGeneres – 338 million, Will Smith – 63 million, and Leonardo DiCaprio – 59 million. In the art world, comic art takes the lead, albeit in a lighthearted manner. Banksy has 12 million followers, Sir Joan Cornellà has 3.5 million. DFace, Felipe Pantone, Bosslogic, Andreas Wannerstedt, Alexis Christodoulou, and of course, JR. Please, allow me to stop myself there! (laughs)

(Please note that these numbers are subject to change.)

However, alongside the rise of AI-generated imagery, we are entering an era where the natural will hold exceptional value. Authenticity, humour, talent, heart, and simplicity—these qualities represent true luxury, that gentle touch of well-being. Ultimately, these are the aspects that people on social media are searching for. Encapsulated within their small screens, they find drops of dreams, things and locations they may never come close to, yet they are mesmerised. It’s like a silent pandemic creeping into thy minds, dictating what to wear, what to look like, and how to be happy. Seriously…? “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken,” Oscar Wilde wisely advised us.

In the midst of this wave of Instagram, a talented individual shared with us the support she received in the form of an award. The World Influential Businesswoman Awards (WIBA) recognize exceptional women who have made significant contributions to their respective fields and have become inspiring role models for others. Shipra KHANNA was honored with this prestigious recognition on May 24 and 26, 2023, in Cannes, France.



We often say that love reaches you through the belly, and Americans refer to it as soul food. In every culture, caring for someone is manifested through cooking. The art of welcoming guests, the art of celebrating friendship and family—all of these are synonymous with generosity and flavors. Cooking has been and will remain a way to share cultures, traditions, and love.

Shipra Khanna‘s journey to success is a testament to her immense love for culinary arts. Hailing from a small Indian town called “Shimla,” she developed a profound passion for cooking at a young age. Despite societal biases against women in the culinary industry, she defied the odds. Through her determination and talent, she emerged as the winner of MasterChef India, a highly acclaimed television show.

Winning MasterChef India opened doors to a world of opportunities for Shipra Khanna. She quickly rose to fame as a global television personality, an award-winning cookbook author*, and a representative of Indian cuisine and culture on various international platforms. Her unparalleled skills in the kitchen, combined with her vibrant personality and cultural knowledge, made her an ideal choice to become the cultural ambassador of India. Shipra Khanna was also appointed as the Ambassador of “Masterchef Travel,” allowing her to explore and showcase diverse cuisines and cultures from over 50 countries!

Her recently published cookbook titled “#Healthunlimited,” delves into Ayurveda, the ancient Hindu medicine system. In this 8th book, Shipra skillfully combines Ayurveda with her culinary expertise to create a unique culinary experience for her readers. The recipes are not only delicious but also designed to support overall well-being, a balanced diet building immunity and fostering healthy growth in the body.

Beyond the culinary delights, “#Healthunlimited” serves as a comprehensive guide for readers seeking to understand the principles and benefits of Ayurveda. Shipra explores the healing properties of various herbs and spices, providing insights into how they can be incorporated into daily meals to promote a healthier lifestyle. With her engaging writing style, she effectively demystifies Ayurveda, making it accessible and practical. Through “#Healthunlimited,” Shipra continues to inspire and educate her audience, encouraging them to embrace a balanced approach to cooking and nourishment.


photo by Mar Taillefer 

“Feeding with love and an open heart for everyone!”

Lets meet Shipra

A.M. : Like a Madeleine de Proust, what was your first cooking experience as a child?”

S.K. : Well, most of my childhood was spent with my grandparents. I have vivid memories of my grandmother preparing a feast for me every day and lovingly feeding me and my friends when we returned from school. Similarly, my grandfather would nourish me each day. This is the essence of food for me – cooking and feeding with love and an open heart for everyone!

A.M. : Please share with our readers a secret to Indian cooking that they might be able to replicate.

S.K. : Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse, with each region in our country having its distinct culinary traditions. The food that has gained popularity overseas only scratches the surface. However, there is one common element in Indian cuisine, and that is spices. We create our own spice blends at home, and the depth of flavor and taste that these spices bring to a dish is the real secret. Another universal secret is love. My grandmother believed that the taste and flavor of a dish depend on the emotions with which it is cooked. A person who cooks in a bad mood will likely end up with a poorly prepared dish.

A.M. : What changed in your perspective on the world when you became a television star?

S.K. : After winning Masterchef India, I realized that it was just the beginning of my journey, and there was still a long way to go. One thing I always aimed to do was pave the way for girls in my country, showing them that they can have dreams and achieve them too. I wanted to lead by example. Receiving the ‘Celebrity Chef Influencer‘ award at the WIBA awards in Cannes has brought me great emotions, as it makes me feel one step closer to my dream of putting India on the global food map with its incredible cuisine. Being the first Indian woman from a male-dominated industry to win this prestigious award is truly a significant achievement for me. Needless to say, this is a thrilling moment for me as I am here today representing India and her rich cultural and culinary heritage. I’m grateful for this esteemed award. As an influencer and representative of the culinary industry, I take this opportunity to share my insight on the significant role that social media plays in this industry. With just a few clicks, we can reach millions worldwide and inspire them to explore new foods, embrace diverse cultures and make healthier choices.


She added:

But with this power comes a responsibility. We must use our platforms to promote healthy and sustainable eating habits, celebrate diversity and inclusion & support local food producers. Social media has the potential to bridge cultures and create a global community through food. By sharing our stories via recipes we can inspire others to appreciate different cuisines and foster a sense of unity. However, we must also be mindful of the challenges we face as influencers. It is crucial that we maintain the trust of our audience and avoid compromising our credibility for quick gains. In conclusion, let us continue to use social media as a force for, inspiring and educating our followers, celebrating diversity, and advocating for healthy and sustainable eating habits.

Let’s reiterate: authenticity, humour, talent, heart, and simplicity—mastering your talents and knowledge. This is the real luxury. These butterflies are taking flight from the realm of influencers. Their wings, adorned with authenticity, nurtured by talent, and propelled by honesty, are emerging and making a difference. We hope that more and more individuals will embark on this genuine and heartfelt path and blossom. Perhaps, after some serious deviations, the community is ready to respond by celebrating and promoting true talent rather than shallowness.

Alexandra Mas