Fashion’s Green Revolution


Celebrating Fashion’s Green Revolution: Giorgia Cantarini’s Journey as a Visionary Journalist and Sustainability Advocate

Fashion aficionado and esteemed journalist, Giorgia Cantarini, has always been drawn to the captivating realm of fashion. With an impressive portfolio that includes prestigious publications such as Rolling Stone, Grazia, Glamour, Vogue Italia, iD,,, La Repubblica, and Hunger, Esquire Italy, Cantarini has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry. Currently serving as the Senior Fashion Editor at L’Officiel Italia and Sustainability Contributor for Milano Finanza, she brings her wealth of experience and passion to the forefront of her work.

Cantarini’s innate curiosity extends beyond fashion, encompassing artistic perfumery, travel, music, and more. Her insatiable thirst for uncovering new fashion trends and discovering emerging designers has fueled her journey. Throughout her illustrious career, she has had the privilege of working with renowned celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, Kit Harington, Rita Ora, Coma Cose and many others, shaping their iconic looks.

As the curator of the S/Style project for Pitti Immagine Uomo, Cantarini undertakes the role of selecting, styling, and presenting responsible and avant-garde designers in the realm of menswear. This prestigious role showcases her keen eye for fashion innovation and her dedication to promoting sustainable fashion practices.

However, Cantarini’s recent accomplishments have further solidified her influence in the fashion world. With the support of Kering, a leading luxury group committed to sustainability, she spearheaded a remarkable sustainability initiative at Pitti in Florence. Her visionary approach and commitment to driving positive change in the industry earned her the respect and endorsement of this influential organization.

Building on her successes, Cantarini has now taken on a new role as the presenter of “Green Revolution,” a groundbreaking exploration of responsible fashion. In collaboration with editor Stefano Roncato and the esteemed editorial staff of MFFashion, Cantarini curates a powerful narrative that delves deep into the importance of sustainable practices. Through the voices of industry pioneers who have long recognized the significance of responsible fashion, “Green Revolution” sheds light on the transformative power of this movement.

Giorgia Cantarini’s unwavering dedication to fashion, sustainability, and artistic expression has firmly established her as a leading force in the industry. With each project she undertakes, she continues to push boundaries and inspire others to embrace the profound impact of responsible fashion. As she fearlessly champions the cause, her contributions pave the way for a greener, more conscientious future in the world of fashion.

Digital Pitti Uomo launches The Sustainable Style curated by Giorgia Cantarini

Diane Pernet