a la une, Arts

by G.Wen

Silence is a French electronic rock music project born from the meeting between Baptiste Leonne, multi-talented painter and photographer, and Vincent Zammarchi, composer, and producer prodigy.  Hungry for projects and passionate about music. Baptiste Leonne’s writing is the plot of a musical film directed by Vincent Zammarchi called SILENCE

G.WEN: Who are you Baptiste Leonne?

Baptiste Leonne: I am a musician and painter, I have been exhibiting my paintings abroad such as Tel-Aviv, the United States, Germany, Italy for several years. I have written for several artists and spent a lot of time in recording studios producing music.

G.WEN: Can you tell me about your creation?

B.L: My writing process is very intimate on SILENCE many things live and then Vincent Zammarchi composes on the piano, and we work together on the construction of the piece. The artistic process always begins raw without a microphone in intimacy between him and me.

G.WEN: What is the spirit of your artistic universe?

BL: I am a free spirit, I love oscillating between painting, photography, writing and music. We let go of our wounds on the music between talk over and singing.

photos and art by Baptiste Leonne  

copyright SILENCE


G.WEN: Can you tell me about the band Silence and discuss their musical training?

BL: The formation consists of Vincent Zammarchi and I; we create together, and we have a recurring guest who is Néa Kirsten; we love his voice and his attitude, which is very offbeat, compared to my voice. We have several projects together. Vincent Zammarchi is a little multi-instrumentalist genius and above all what is rare in a musician is his feelings about the words, the text that he translates with greatness into the music. Silence is above all a project based on emotion.

G.WEN: Tell me about a specific title of your musical project?

BL: The title “I look at myself” with Vincent, we sat down at the piano; the melody settled, I wrote a text and finally, the essence of the message held in a single sentence. I call that, flash pieces, a kind of photography, a snapshot, a strong image without detour.

G.WEN: What is your artistic and musical news?

BL: We are in co-management with “Just like event” which will soon announce concert dates in Belgium Lille and Poland. And we’re mixing the album for an upcoming release, followed by a music video.

G.WEN: Can you tell me what is your favorite playlist?

BL: John Coltrane lives in the walls of my studio every day but now I listen to Kéa Tempest on repeat, we share a lot of music with Vincent.

G.WEN: Tell me about a typical Silence Day?

BL: A Day for SILENCE is to connect with the world, at the time that we can write and create. We are in a system of permanent creation, whether for me, Vincent paints every day and Néa Kirsten for a fashion t-shirt brand. Our life is filled with art.