a la une, Fashion

I long for you

So many questions

I understand you much more now

Found the scarf we both were looking for

Reading the books you have been reading

Will play the music we have listened to together so many times

Having you on my lap is everything I would want now

And caressing your face with my nose

What happened was what I needed

You have been my reason and what I have done I have done for you

You liked skateboarders and bicycle and you want to get rid of cars using public transport as before

You are so cool, so cool darling

When you stroke an animal or water the plants or got hold of my bum it was all the same to you

Autumn begins unnoticed.
Nights slowly lengthen,
And little by little, clear winds turn colder and colder,
summer’s blaze giving away.
My thatch hut grows still.
At the bottom stair, in bunch grass, lit dew shimmers..
Meng Hao-Jan (689-740 A.D.)

In everything we will show, I thought of you and where you came from, from the North of England
The ‘masturbation skirt’, do you remember? From a long time ago. How much we laughed when we made it.
I worked on it again.
The petticoat skirts which were your absolute favourite.
I’ve made some for you, all different, they’re gorgeous, so pretty, so girly, so woman, so really woman.
I used some of our antique fabrics that we collected to give them a new life, I hope you don’t mind.
You once said to me that I can take everything away, just leave me my platform shoes because one can’t do without them.
Maybe the most important thing you have ever taught me was to put women on a pedestal.

Andreas Kronthaler, March 2023 Paris