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Luxury, French unique elegance, a gentle pace of life, enchanting landscapes and impeccable service, this is how I would describe staying at the HOTEL BARRIERE LE CARL GUSTAF.

No wander last year, the 5 stars hotel was recognized by the World Travel Awards, the Oscars of the luxury hotel sector. Reopened on October 28th 2022, this Caribbean jewel and its 21 rooms, suits and bungalows enchants the eye with its impeccable interiors and panoramic views of the port of Gustavia. Designers Gilles & Boissier rewrote the poetry between its century-old walls and the ever-changing tropical light with refined romanticism, using stone, brushed wood and nuanced soft fabrics. 

view from a suite, Le Carl Gustaf Hotel, World Travel Awards


“We have chosen not to radically transform the building, but instead to make the individual spaces more functional, In the lounge extensions and the villa-bungalows, we have also played with the Caribbean light by using “filters” – natural filters such as trees, but also filters created by fabric and wood on the verandas, and by wattle and panels in the shutters”

Dorothée Boissier



Deligh yoursenf at the Carl Gustaf Fouquet’s, a archipelago of flavours where Caribbean inspirations flirt with French culinary savoir-faire. 3 star Michelin Chef Pierre Gagnaire, the globetrotter, says that what he is searching for in a dish is:


“neither tradition nor modernity, but first and foremost a sensation”.


photos by Fabrice Rambert

Carl Gustaf view and the Shellona Beach restaurant, photos by Fabrice Rambert

This 3rd season offers a panoply of new and exciting events and activities and all close by. The Shell Beach and its superb Shellona restaurant, the peaceful harbor of Gustavia and its sophisticated boutiques, and of course, the natural sea pools of Grand Fond and Petit-Cul de Sac.

For diving enthusiasts, there is equipment available at Shell Beach, so you can discover the spectacular underwater world, with its fish, stingrays, coral and sailing shipwrecks. Nautical activities include also a jet-ski tour of the island. 

For serene days you can make a boat trip with a Le Carl picnic on board or on a wild beach, where our Hotel staff will have prepared a beautiful lunch venue for you. Activities include also hiking with (or without) a professional guide to explore the island’s hidden footpaths, especially along Colombier beach on the north-west coast, from where the island of St Martin can be seen in fine weather, or simply a electrical bike ride in the port. Most of these activities are also suitable for children. 

Available from 1,490 euros per night, the St Barths Vibes package combines spacious, refined and bright guestrooms with a glamorous decor and stunning views of the Caribbean, along with numerous benefits for guests. To begin with, the hotel’s complimentary services: breakfast overlooking the Bay of Gustavia, free wifi, a selection of beverages in your room, airport transfers, and access to the hotel’s fitness centre. Add to this some truly extraordinary extras: a 45-minute massage for two at the Diane Barrière spa, a lazy, relaxed day at Shellona Beach, the hotel’s private beach, renowned for its carpet of golden sand and crushed mother of pearl, and a chance to explore the island, its luxuriant landscapes and its natural pools thanks to the Mini Cooper Convertible loaned to guests for the duration of your vacation. (insurance extra)

by Alexandra Mas