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The Queen performs a national service. Every morning she has her breakfast, most days her outfit is already decided for her royal appointment – shake hands, give speeches. Every institution in our country wants her acknowledgement and attribution. Her life is prescribed. The Royal Family, as an institution, is social cement. The Queen holds the country together. She’s a figurehead of international diplomacy. I think it’s so important that our Royal Family is hereditary, the family member’s learn diplomacy by osmosis and develop a sense of duty to our country and to the world. We all owe her our gratitude.

 8 settembre 2022

Dame Vivienne Westwood

REWILD is a term that entered the arts and fashion industry a while ago. Many designers and creators made of it the new identity. The phenomenon of rewilding gives us hope in countering nature and climate-related emergencies, while providing benefits for people. It is the restoration of nature on a large scale, to bring it back to the time when it can take care of itself again. It is about restoring natural life processes and repairing damaged ecosystems.
The collection BORN TO REWILD was precisely photographed in urban landscapes that invite rewilders to act. Cement to be transform in the new natural heavens. The title appears in many guises: on cotton underwear, on embroidered denim, on formal fil-coupé, on jacquard pinstripe suits. New and archival floral prints colliding create choreographies of flowers.

Brothel creeper inspired by Kyoto, worn by Teddy Boy and Rocker. New shapes and silhouettes: ‘cut-out’ and ‘ripped’ patterns for tailoring, shirts and organic denim. Interpretations of football player looks: exaggerated shoulders and tapered waists.

The ‘MacAndy’ summer tartan in neon colours, taken from the Anglomania AW93 collection, inspired by 18th century French taste in British clothing; rugged tweeds, coloured tartans; Vargas platforms, kilts, corseted skirts and the Pourpoint Bomber.

The blue and white striped English school-style suit and BORN IN ENGLAND jacquard denim are paired with Ken Russel’s Teddy Girl-inspired platform sandals and knitwear inspired by 14th century German embroidery.

The heart, the house’s emblematic motif, is used on soft jacquard sweatshirts and knitwear and characterises a new silhouette, “the heart system”, on which the heart dress and the new heart corset are developed.

The unisex tailored pieces feature the Infinity & Saturn print, inspired by the astrological event of the ‘Return of Saturn’, which is said to occur a very small number of times in a person’s life. It represents a period of significant change and transformation.


We support Rewilding Britain, which is taking ambitious action to achieve nature restoration in 30% of Britain by 2030. It is influencing decision makers, raising awareness and encouraging rewilding on land and at sea through the Rewilding Network. As part of the Global Rewilding Alliance, it is helping to create positive change around the world.

Photographer & Stylist Sabina Schreder

Makeup Stephanie Kunz @ Total World

Hair Charlie Le Mindu for Dyson Hair Pro

Nails Nirina Metz

Casting Director  Ben Grimes @ Drive Represents

Models : Prinz, Florian, Mino Sassy @ Cover Models Paris, Luna , Djily @ Elite, Anouk @ GIRLmgmt, Eva @ Select Models, Khalil @ The Claw Models, Emery @ Rock Men Paris

Locations: PERROTIN GALLERY PARIS and Private rooftop residence in the 20th Arrondissement