‘le portrait mondain’ by Cyril Duret


Stéphane Corréard and Hervé Loevenbruck, called Loeve&co have curated ‘le portrait mondain’ the solo show of french artist Cyril Duret–  till October 15th

Cyril Duret is a young french artist born in 1993 in Nancy and lives between Beaucaire and Paris. His paintings could appear in fictions combining different possibilities from the history of art. His work draws inspiration from the 1870 dynastic portraits of the ‘mondain’ aka worldly. His model protagonists come from the art world, or movie actors, directors, art collectors and normally are placed alone or with their family inside their house, garden or with their collection. To creator Karl Lagerfeld, this corpus is an excellent testimony of its time; time changes, so does painting but the need of depiction, does not. I met Cyril Duret Through Nadia Candet’ Private Choice when she commissioned him to paint my portrait.

When you think of this genre artists Boldini or Jacques-Emile Blanche come to mind. Mundane portraits are naturally defined by their models. The subjects come from different circles; aristocrats or important figures in these worlds and often they order their portraits, but mundane painters or photographers tend to put them in a more intimate place, with artist they admire- for example those in the cinema, theatre, music, friends and loved ones, references and mentors, family, be it real or fantasy.

The list of models chosen by Duret and those that chose him, pictures his genealogical tree for both his relational and mental states: artists (Jean-Luc Blanc, Nina Childress, to whom he was a student, Jean-Luc Verna..)personalities among the art world (Colette Barbier, Nicolas Bourriaud, Francois de Ricqles, Cecile Ritzenthaler, Alain Weill..) some among the spectacle world, mundanity or night (Marie Binet, Francoise Fabian, Diane Pernet, Jacqueline de RIbes, Sapho..) Some poses completely or semi-nude, which was quite uncommon in this genre.

Loeve&Co Marais

16, rue de Montmorency

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