a la une, Fashion

By now you are all very aware of the Balenciaga collection presented in a glass dome on the outskirts of Paris with models reacting to both a vision of our future climate wise and the ongoing war going on in Ukraine. Balenciaga’s winter campaign expands on that presentation’s theme of a future where weather is mostly simulated. The campaign has Kim Kardashian, Alexa Demie, Big Matthew, Khadim Sock, and Kim Yeon-koung wearing the collection.

The Crush Bag, HD Sneaker, Swing Bag, Knife Wader, Trash Pouch, and Glove Boot, as well as a hybrid bodysuit dress, trompe l’oeil slip dress, towel top, XXXL hoodie, faux-feather boa, pullover jacket, simulated fur coat, and more from the collection appear in contradictory environments: layered pieces in the hot sun, minimal clothing in the frigid cold, etc.

The images are created by Daniel Roché, the Berlin-based photographer behind the first Balenciaga Underwear and Swimwear campaigns. Daniel Roché is a multi-faceted photographer renowned for his expressive and emotive work.

The campaign also involves a set of videos by Barcelona-based director Mau Morgo, in which environments quickly change via timelapse photography from one season to another, while looks stay constant. Mau Morgó is an award-winning creative director, designer and visual artist focused on creating unique experiences and experimental animation.

Diane Pernet