Chaumet en Scene – High Jewellery collection

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Chaumet en Scène, the Maison’s new High Jewellery collection, presents three eloquently cadenced scenes :

Music, Dance & Magic


by Alexandra I.Mas

on the cover : the Tango Duet Necklacecoloured stones are set in golden spirals, like a couple performing a spectacular tango, rubellites and tourmalines follow one another in alternating pear and cushion cuts, each stone set inside a separate spiral, generating a sense of dynamism. As a highpoint, a pear-shaped indicolite of over 46 carats sets the neckline ablaze.

in the drawings the Harmony transformable necklace &  the Partition necklace set with the 3 emerald-cut emeralds from Colombia of 8.63, 4.78


haute Joaillerie maison Chaumet en Scène, the Maison’s new High Jewellery collection,
presents three eloquently cadenced scenes : Music, Dance & Magic

Entering La Maison Chaumet is like stepping into history. This iconic jewellery house traces its roots back to the French imperial era, when the romance between Napoleon Bonaparte and Joséphine inspired the creation of many ceremonial jewelleries and intimate pieces. These foundational creations, imbued with poetry and emotional resonance, have garnered the trust of numerous royal families worldwide. In the contemporary era, Chaumet has cultivated as well a prestigious clientele in China and the Arabic countries, with major themes including Joséphine, Liens, and Bee My Love.

Shaped by myriad inspirations, the Maison has evolved across eras, drawing numerous motifs from the arts. Music and dance hold special places in the heart of Chaumet, as does the art of magic, which invokes irresistibly poetic jewels. Led by Benoît Verhulle, the thirteenth head of the Chaumet workshop, the artisans transform into veritable magicians, creating unforgettable pieces with majestic stones in breathtaking colours.

The intimate bond between Chaumet and the performing arts stretches back to its early existence. The story begins in 1849, in the Hôtel Baudard de Sainte-James at 12 Place Vendôme, now the Maison’s fabled Paris address. In the Salon Chopin, overlooking the square, the composer wrote his final, unfinished masterpiece, the Mazurka Op. 68, No 4. The Maison’s archives are replete with references to the music world, from diamond briolette bandeaus inspired by Wagner’s operas to brooches decorated with romantic French musical notes.

Dance has equally inspired many Chaumet creations. The High Jewellery collection “Chaumet est une Fête,” unveiled in 2017, paid tribute to the performing arts with its colorful pieces. The Maison has counted many dancers among its clients, including La Belle Otero, Anna Pavlova, and Olga Picasso, former Ballets Russes dancer and wife of Pablo Picasso.

Chaumet High Jewellery En Scene collection - here the High Voltige parure , the edge mag

Chaumet’s new High Jewellery collection, En Scène, is a spectacular representation that unites artistic disciplines through three eloquent scenes: Music, Dance, and Magic. Each theme conveys the full measure of the Maison’s virtuosity. Under the spotlights, parures acquire their own rhythm, blending repetitive patterns with free time. Translating the Maison’s esteemed art of movement, each parure is a unique composition that magnifies exceptional stones, with the timeless tiara leading with brilliance.

As if by magic High Voltige

Evoking acrobats keeping spectators in suspense, diamonds display their fire in a parure worthy of a dazzling aerial display. Like a tightrope walker’s wire, the parure plays with the lines, tightening and twisting them.

Voltige tiara in white gold, set with one oval-cut D VVS2 diamond of 3.21 carats, and brilliant‑cut diamonds.

Voltige transformable earrings in white gold, studs (that can be worn also as fully articulated drops ) with each D-VVS1 diamond of 2.51 and 2.54 carats capable of being placed horizontally or vertically

Voltige ring in white gold, set with an oval-cut D FL IIA type diamond of 5.03 carats, and brilliant‑cut diamonds


earrings Ballet Chaumet , the edge mag

Leading the Dance: A Series of Choreographies Where Stones Take the center stage

Among the highlights is the Postmodern Ballet Necklace, embodying the graceful movement of twirling dancers. Each white gold petal moves independently, thanks to masterful articulation, while the eagle claw setting securely holds a line of three stunning cushion-cut Ceylon sapphires, ranging from 8.03 carats to 5.77 carats. This extraordinary craftsmanship, featuring the recutting and setting of sapphires in a dégradé pavé, amplifies the visual movement, totaling 28 carats. The sculpted gold adds to the dynamic volume, creating a piece that is as mesmerising as a ballet performance.

the Ballet parure is showcasing also the Ballet earrings (see higher ) in white gold, set with one cushion-cut sapphire from Ceylon of 5.08 carats, one cushion-cut D VVS2 diamond of 3.76 carats, round sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds; the Ballet ring in white gold, set with one cushion-cut sapphire from Ceylon of 4.48 carats, one cushion-cut D VVS1 diamond of 3.16 carats, round sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds; the Swing bracelet, and the Swing ring in white gold, set with one cushion-cut bluish purple sapphire from Ceylon of 21.24 carats, onyx motifs and brilliant‑cut diamonds.

Chaumet sketch of the Dance Necklace , the edge magazine
Trompe l’oeil necklace in white<br />
gold set with 17 brilliant‑cut<br />
D/E VVS1/2 diamonds<br />
for 11.59 carats total, round fine<br />
pearls and brilliant‑cut diamonds, the edge magazine

This motif is elegantly replicated in a unisex brooch and earrings, while a ring with a body almost entirely encased in pearls and diamonds suggests a decidedly modern and imaginative interpretation of the rococo style. Revisited in a contemporary romantic spirit, the Trompe-l’oeil parure magnificently alternates pearls and diamonds, showcasing a stunning interplay of timeless elegance and innovative design.

Composed of four captivating pieces, the Trompe-l’oeil parure celebrates the delicacy of natural pearls through exquisitely refined interlacing. Drawing on the Maison’s rich pearl tradition, a negligee necklace exemplifies Chaumet’s virtuosity and style. The elegance of the design is matched only by its expert execution by the workshop’s artisans. The fully articulated chain flows like fabric, with natural button pearls meticulously placed at precise diameters and heights to harmonize with trompe l’oeil-set diamonds. This intricate beauty extends to the back of the necklace, reminiscent of the creation that captivated the Maharaja of Indore, Tukijorao Holkar III, in 1913, featuring two extraordinary pear-shaped diamonds of 46.70 and 46.95 carats.

Trompe l’oeil necklace in white gold set with 17 brilliant‑cut D/E VVS1/2 diamonds for 11.59 carats total, round fine pearls and brilliant‑cut diamonds.

Chaumet at the edge magazine Trompe l’oeil ring

Chaumet en Scène features 39 majestic pieces that resonate with profound emotional depth. This collection epitomizes Chaumet’s unwavering commitment to artistic expression and exceptional craftsmanship, while also honoring its storied heritage. Each piece tells a unique story through meticulously selected gems, showcasing their unparalleled beauty, clarity, and quality, as well as the origins of their extraction. This collection is a true testament to the Maison’s dedication to creating timeless works of art that capture both the essence of its roots and the brilliance of its future.