Midnight Sun II, Messika Jewellery

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by Alexandra I.Mas

The high jewelry collections — Midnight Sun, Beyond the Light, Messika by Kate Moss, Born to be Wild, and Once Upon a Time — have firmly established the house’ already timeless classics. Once the young and daring creator, heir to a family tradition, has now evolved into a unique identity known for jewelry pieces designed for the young and modern women and men. Today, it can be rightly called an effervescent Jewellery Maison, MESSIKA has joined the ranks of the greats

The diamond remains and will always be the icon of the Messika house. It was a pleasure to see, at this edition of the Cannes Film Festival, majestic pieces that are unmistakably identifiable as Messika’s signature creations. Excellence has accompanied Valérie Messika’s passion since the beginning, as she has elevated her heritage to the pinnacle of luxury. The natural diamond has become a symbol of affirmation. The permanence of the diamond offered her the possibility to create minimalistic pieces that are part of our casual wardrobe — a touch of luxury, a touch of style, and overall, a glimpse into the acceptance of one’s own success, pieces we cannot separate from.

Maison Messika unveils the Second Opus of the Midnight Sun High Jewellery collection, tracing the twilight momentum from festive nights lingering towards the first rays of the sun, capturing that enchanting dawn vibration, still shimmering with the magic and sparkles of the night.

“I have magical memories of parties until the end of the night, when we leave the dance floor to find the first rays of the sun”

Valérie Messika, Founder and Artistic Director of Maison Messika

Valerie Messika at the Martinez during Cannes Film Festival 2024, posing for the Edge magazine

© Marco Tassini

Messika Paris - Midnight Sun Opus 2 - So Move Max set , the Edge magazine

©Sébastien Coindre

“Oversized, sculptural, scandalous, So Move Max instantly electrifies the silhouette.”

Valérie Messika

This exquisite collection explores chiaroscuro, featuring sets in two versions of gold that both oppose and complement each other. The pieces, as enigmatic as they are radiant, showcase Messika’s innovation with real sparkling diamond bubbles in an exceptional snow setting.

Masterfully embodied by top model Natalia Vodianova and actor Lucien Laviscount, the Midnight Sun collection emphasises the duality of light, echoing love and humanism.

“We met and bonded with Valerie over the fact that we both are siblings of beautiful people with autism. I was very grateful when almost 10 years back Valerie and her husband Jean-Baptiste visited programs of the Naked HeartFoundation and learned for themselves about our work with families and their children with autism. It’s been a friendship and mutual respect ever since.(…) Valérie is a great creative supported by strong personal values – Messika brand is a reflection of her.”

Natalia Vodianova

Messika Paris - Midnight Sun Opus 2 - White Midnight Sun set , the EDGE mag

©Sébastien Coindre

The sculptural White Midnight Sun Ear Cuff and the White Midnight Sun semi-rigid collar, a masterpiece adorned with over 2,400 meticulously placed stones in a snow setting, centered around a magnificent 3.55-carat pear-shaped diamond nestled in a yellow gold bezel. Complementing this set is a ring adorned with an exquisite pear-shaped diamond.

Creating this exceptional setting demanded nearly 300 hours of meticulous craftsmanship in the Maison’s workshops.

“White Midnight Sun signs a refined stylistic vocabulary, playing on roundness, the daring of volume and the brilliance of diamonds.”

Valérie Messika

The Trompe-l’oeil effect of the White Midnight Sun parure exalts with delicacy and sculptural sense, while the Lunar Diva necklace brings face to face a constellation of over 700 snow-set diamonds with a bold graphic emerald-cut puzzle diamond of singular brilliance and clarity. The setting of this piece required almost 400 hours of work. Each diamond had to be open-worked by hand on the back with precision to maximise the passage of light through the stones. “A beautiful diamond puzzle that makes an impression of having a huge stone on your neck,” tells us Natalia Vodianova

The Groove set, a contemporary blend of modernity and classicism, features ultra-graphic designs with intricate micro-paving on oversized curves and flexible links that ensure perfect fluidity.

Messika Paris - Midnight Sun Campaign Opus 2 - Natalia Vodianova , the EDGE mag

©Vito Fernicola

Messika Paris - Midnight Sun Campaign Opus 2 -  Lucien Laviscount  , back stage image, the edge magazine

©Molly SJ Lowe

Diamond Frequencies offer a sensual sequence, featuring a multi-row choker, a transformable tie necklace with a detachable pendant, and a cuff bracelet that adorn the silhouette with unparalleled brilliance and sensuality. The diamonds embellish not only the front of the jewels but also the sides and back, creating pieces that burst with light and can be appreciated from every angle. Each design exudes a luxurious radiance, embodying the epitome of elegance and sophisticated craftsmanship.

On the cover, you can see the Hypnotic Scale set, a stunning reinvention of the diamond river. This set features unexpected reliefs and subtly inclined stones that radiate light. The faceted pear cut maximizes the brilliance of the gems, while the halo settings amplify their fiery sparkle. Hypnotic Scale is an extremely harmonious set, showcasing the perfect unity of quality and light in stones ranging from 0.10 to 2.70 carats. This incomparable pairing expertise is particularly reflected in both the necklace and the river bracelet, making them true masterpieces of exquisite craftsmanship.

Messika’s creations resonate deeply with the narratives of her muses and clientele alike. Her revolutionary approach to the mobile diamond epitomizes a carefree and playful spirit, transforming jewelry into dynamic, expressive pieces. Operating with the finesse of an artist, Messika draws inspiration directly from sources as diverse as music and the pure, innocent world of her children. Fearlessly guided by her feminine instincts, she also carries forward the legacy inherited from her father and a childhood steeped in the brilliance of diamonds.

“Valérie is a visionary with an incredible eye for detail. Her journey is inspiring. Her passion for diamonds and this innovative approach to design make her an iconic figure in the world of jewelry,” told us actor Lucien Laviscount.

You can read the exclusive interview with Valérie Messika, conducted during the Cannes Film Festival, in our summer print issue. If you don’t have the chance to hold EDGE magazine No. 5 in your hands, you can download it here: https://www.epresse.fr/kiosque_premium/the-edge-mag