Andreas Kronthaler Vivienne Westwood 2024-2025

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With the same punch and ingenuity, Andreas Kronthaler is continuing the Vivienne Westwood legacy. We can never have enough of these items that seamlessly become part of our own personalities. When you dress in these designs, you feel more contemporary, more audacious, aligned with an era of rebellion and sense-seeking.

What Vivienne Westwood has bequeathed to us is a sense of ethical consumerism where each item is so definitive and cleverly produced that you will never feel the need to part with it. Each piece crafted under the Vivienne Westwood brand is a testament to her enduring philosophy—an intricate blend of punk-inspired aesthetics and high fashion that challenges conventional norms while celebrating individuality.

Kronthaler‘s continuation of this legacy ensures that every garment not only pays homage to Westwood’s innovative spirit but also adapts to the evolving fashion landscape. The designs are not just clothing; they are statements of identity, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and timeless style. In a world saturated with fast fashion, these pieces stand out as symbols of enduring value and artistic integrity.

When you don Vivienne Westwood, you don a piece of history, infused with a modern edge. The rebellious energy of the 1970s punk movement, fused with meticulous craftsmanship, creates a wardrobe that empowers and inspires. This is fashion that refuses to be disposable, encouraging wearers to invest in pieces that transcend trends and embody a bold, ethical stance.

Andreas Kronthaler‘s stewardship of the brand ensures that this ethos remains vibrant and relevant. His designs capture the essence of Westwood’s vision while injecting his unique flair, resulting in collections that resonate with both longstanding admirers and a new generation of fashion enthusiasts. Through his work, the legacy of Vivienne Westwood continues to thrive, challenging us to rethink our relationship with fashion and embrace a more sustainable, conscientious approach to style.

“I went to Margate for the first time in the late 90s, it seemed to me the most quintessential English seaside place therefore I always wanted to do a campaign shoot there. Of course it has changed a lot since then. It’s a place I feel comfortable and welcome, I find the people extremely sweet and friendly. It is very picturesque and there is a certain light there which must have to do with the seaside air. It’s perfect for photographs.
We shot in three locations, the Margate caves, the car park of Dreamland, and the Nayland Rock hotel.”

Andreas Kronthaler, Creative Director, Vivienne Westwood

AW2425_VW_Ad Campaign
Photographer Juergen Teller
Creative Partner Dovile Drizyte
Creative Director  Andreas Kronthaler
Stylist Sabina Schreder
Makeup Artist Daniel Sallstrom @ M+A World Group
Hair Artist Charlie Le Mindu
Nail Artist Mica Hendricks
  Kristen McMenamy @ IMG Models
  Andreas Kronthaler
  Tiana Mohammed @ Milk Management
  Inès Michelotto @ Let It Go
  Hamaam Pelewura @ Elite
  Harry Browse