Kentroy Yearwood’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection for men and women

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By Diane Pernet

Kentroy Yearwood’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection for men and women is a vibrant celebration of change and transformation. Drawing inspiration from the profound experience of seeing one’s own reflection, this collection embarks on a journey of self-discovery, challenging wearers to embrace change and use their surroundings and memories as creative fuel.


The collection stands at the intersection of tradition and modernity, where bold, retro graphics meet vibrant colors to produce garments that are both functional and stylish. It seamlessly blends workwear, sportswear, and tailoring, creating a dynamic and versatile wardrobe. Each piece is a testament to masterful craftsmanship and innovative design. The collection incorporates a rich tapestry of techniques and materials that draw on collective memories and stories. Lasering and layering combined with detailed embroideries create intricate patterns, while carpeting techniques adapted for textiles transform the fabric’s texture and depth. Sustainability is embraced through the repurposing of deadstock T-shirts as cloths. Handcrafted jewelry inspires weaving techniques, further enriched by embroideries on T-shirts that mimic the complex structure of knitwear. African handcraft techniques, such as French-knotting, are seamlessly integrated into the designs. Tule punching adds a unique, textural element to the garments. Additionally, harmonica pleats and hand-stitched pleats offer an innovative alternative to traditional Cuba raffia knotting, using sportswear materials to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

“I like to dare myself each time to conquer new goals & achievements”

Yolande Ratazibwa

Marketing manager / Design connoisseur

 “I aim to bring optimistic vision towards a sustainable future”

Ruud Belmans

Creative Director of WeWantMore Product & Interior design

“I’m passionate about architecture & turning brands into Community heros”

Shanice Engel

Partner at Oona Communications Agency.

Kentroy Yearwood’s Spring-Summer 2025- the edge mag

The collection is primarily manufactured in Europe, with a section of the craftsmanship made in India by the renowned Kolkata Ventures studio. This fusion of European and Indian artistry adds a unique depth to the collection. To illustrate his approach, Kentroy Yearwood enlisted a coalition of Antwerp’s finest to wear the collection, making it their own and sharing their insights with a note about themselves: 

“I want to bring my passion for retrospective photography techniques to a new & evolved creative level”

Sem Beerens

Product designer / Photographer

Kentroy Yearwood, a Curaçao-born Dutch designer, lives and works in Amsterdam. A graduate of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts, he collaborated with several Belgian and Japanese designers before venturing into stage costume design and creative consultancy. Kentroy developed a keen interest in using deadstock fabric and has pioneered innovative fabric treatments, resulting in his eponymous collection. His designs combine technical workwear elements with raw craftsmanship and couture.

The Kentroy Yearwood brand emerged during the pandemic, emphasizing innovation and sustainability at the forefront of the creative process. Kentroy is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and addressing critical issues facing the world today. By incorporating these ideals into all projects and collaborations, he aims to inspire the industry to produce responsible products and progressive solutions for a sustainable future. Kentroy’s innovative and sustainable approach has led to collaborations with other forward-thinking companies such as Prym (Italy), Bezsan (Turkey), and Michiko Koshino (London).

 “I truly believe in paying it forward, showing compassion & forgiveness. We are all here for one universal reason & we must be good to ourselves.”

J.D Ankomah

Creative Director & Co-founder of Rapture Management.

“I thrive in an environment of creativity & sophistication”

Katarina Vercammen

Lead of Shoot the Artist a Premier Creative Agency

“I wish to challenge myself, to remain authentic, to yield my best work”

Oona Bovri

Photographer / Visual Artist

“Exclusivity & intimacy will remain always and forever “

Filip Arickx

Co Creative Director AF Vandevorst & Creator of Nightfall World

The collection will be presented from June 21 through June 29 at Plan 8 Showrooms, located at 6 rue Saint Claude, 75003 Paris.