Marco Tassini, inspired photography


Marco Tassini has meticulously crafted a signature that effortlessly earns the label of classic, I would rather call him new age classicism. A genuine Roman by origin, Marco’s profound connection to his heritage has been a lifelong commitment, weaving the rich tapestry of classic culture into the vivid fabric of his work. Despite achieving a doctorate in human rights, his passion for humanity took an unexpected turn, guiding him into a profound exploration of its most delicate, superficial, yet undeniably beautiful facet: fashion.

This transformative journey led him from the ancient streets of Rome to the fashionable avenues of Milan and eventually to the epitome of elegance, Paris—the unrivalled capital of haute couture and high jewellery. Marco’s editorial directorship at the Mas Tassini Studio has left an indelible imprint on Edge magazine, contributing to its unique identity. In recognition of the art infused into fashion photography, the studio garnered the prestigious Roma Photography Award in 2018, a testament to Marco’s unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Since 2021, Marco Tassini has been captivating audiences with fine art limited edition works of rare poetry within the Artivist group. His art has transcended geographical boundaries, adorning the walls of collectors from Venice to Berlin and Miami. With an innate connoisseurship in paper and pigment selection, Marco ensures each photograph is an exceptional masterpiece, meticulously printed using the finest techniques.

Presented by Shim Art Network as part of the official curation of Art Miami Fairs at Aqua Art, you now have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in two exceptional artworks. Originating from the Edge summer 2023 print edition, these pieces stand as a testament to Marco’s unwavering commitment to pushing the artistic boundaries within the realm of fashion photography. 

photo editor Marco Tassini present at Art Miami Fairs, Art Basel