Enchanting Operatic Delights: D.I.V.A Unleashed, Transcending Boundaries with Visionary Costumes by Manish Arora

By Diane Pernet  

Experience the breathtaking fusion of opera and eccentricity in the sensational world of D.I.V.A! Picture five iconic operas, distilled into electrifying 15-minute renditions, brought to life by a quartet of delightfully unhinged lyric singers and a mesmerizing string quartet. Brace yourself for a theatrical extravaganza unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed!

Having already enraptured over 80,000 enraptured spectators, the magnificent quartet of divas triumphantly returns with a brand-new spectacle. Prepare to be enthralled as they unleash their untamed spirits upon the stage, fearlessly venturing into the depths of their madness and imagination. Guided by an audacious new aesthetic, courtesy of the visionary costume designer Manish Arora, their every move is an explosion of vibrant hues and larger-than-life creations.

This extraordinary journey through operatic wonders takes us on a mesmerizing tour of five timeless classics: Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro,” Gounod’s “Faust,” Verdi’s “Rigoletto,” Donizetti’s “Lucia di Lammermoor,” and Offenbach’s “La Vie Parisienne.” But be prepared for a twist, for these divas possess an uncanny ability to infuse each composition with their uniquely whimsical touch.

With their first encounter with the adoring public serving as a catalyst for boundless exploration, the divas fearlessly embrace the uncharted corners of their own psyche. It is within these depths that they unearth new dimensions of their personalities, exposing intricate layers that captivate and enthrall. And ever loyal, their journey is accompanied by the melodic mastery of a steadfast quartet of string musicians.

As the curtains rise on this transcendent opus, D.I.V.A elevates their artistry to unprecedented heights. The repertoire selection, curated with unapologetic audacity, unearths hidden treasures and introduces audiences to lesser-known operatic gems, all intricately reimagined by the musical genius of Stéphane Gassot. Prepare to be spellbound as the divas unravel the mysteries of these grand operas, casting them in a luminous new light.

Yet, it is impossible to overlook the transformative power of Manish Arora’s visionary creations. Through his unparalleled costumes, the divas are adorned in resplendent attire, emanating an aura of otherworldly enchantment. Each stitch, each embellishment, a testament to Arora’s unparalleled artistry and his ability to elevate the divas’ performances to ethereal heights.

In the dazzling realm of D.I.V.A, where opera and eccentricity intertwine, prepare to be transported to a world where boundaries dissolve and the extraordinary becomes the norm. As the final notes echo through the theater, you will find yourself forever changed, forever touched by the magic of these four enigmatic divas and the visionary brilliance of Manish Arora’s costumes.

Jonathan Icher

Original Idea: Flore Philis & Marie Menand
Direction and Artistic Director: Manon Savary
Costume Design: Manish Arora
Make-up and Wigs: Christophe Mecca
Artistic Collaboration: Anita Robillard
Choreographer: Anouk Viale
Musical Transcriptions: Stéphane Gassot
Accessories: Maguelonne Pessaque
Lighting Design: Pascal Noël
Sound Design: Jean-Louis Waflart
Press officer: PC Presse
Paris box office: Talents Plus
Advertising: Delphine de Chaillé

Prométhée Productions


Théâtre de Roanne
Sud-Est Théâtre (EPT Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre)