Sublime Disaster

a la une, Arts

Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March 2023 – free entry

A multitude of artistic forms to reflect on the state of glaciers, these natural entities that are both powerful and fragile, now threatened by humans and climate change.

In the company of the artist Bernard GARO and his guests, embark on a new immersive expedition, poetic, visual and sonorous.
Poetic readings by François Chattot, concert by Eric Fischer, projections of film creations co-created with Marc Décosterd*, live painting performances with the ice of the glacier, installations, videos, photography and paintings…

Art and science dialogues with scientists from the Museum and art historian Joan Francesc Ainaud, discovery of the work’s material through very high resolution imagery with Loïc Baboulaz from Artmyn, meeting with the guide and geologist Loïc Pérez who organised all the glacier expeditions and enabled the artist to produce unique video and photo projects presented this weekend as a preview, in the company of his colleagues

Bernard Garo, séquence la montagne une scarification, Geneva Museum

On the big format side, where painting ‘at the extreme limits of my body,’ as told us the artist, leads him to vertigo and to surpassing himself. His series of giant paintings, even if they are reminiscent of Kiefer’s powerful breath and harsh materials… are of great Garo Art 

“Visit to the temples of excess” by Françoise Jaunin

Crevasse, art movie Bernard Garo


My artistic work is a vital commitment filled with curiosity and interest in movement and the invisible, it is an attempt to extract the essence of the beautiful in everything and to transpose it into a work of art to communicate it further, today as we arrive in an essential transition where art has taken back the leading role over the economy, it must participate all the more in the societal change that is taking place with its sincerity and urgency; here is my definition of art p.4 of my monograph “Deflagration” Edition Till Schaap 2017:


* Bernard Garo and Marc Décosterd, co-directors of the film Crevasse, were honoured with the award for best experimental film at the Berlin International Art Film Festival 2022, among other international awards and nominations, ref to Crevasse on Vimeo

“Painting represents indiscipline as light, relativity as writing, freedom as a struggle, humility as an attitude and doubt as permanence, waiting for grace, the hope of chaos, the possibility of a revelation, an absolute that would contain everything and that can only emerge from the act of doing” 

Bernard GARO


Cocktail reception on Saturday 4 March 2023 – 4pm – Café du Muséum, Geneva
This weekend will also be the occasion to inaugurate Bernard Garo’s art & science residence Rendez-nous la beauté – Restore Beauty
This residency began on  July 23 2022 in the heart of the Museum, as part of our exhibition All Against the Earth.

11 March – 25 June 2023: Give us back the beauty – free of charge
A final sequence will feature a final installation and retrospective of the residency.
A publication edited by the MHN will be produced about the exhibition and the residency. It will be published before the end of the exhibition and will be available for purchase.

+ More information on the residency in general

+ More information on the 4th evolutionary sequence, currently on display at the MHN 

Garo is particularly interested in time and the invisible movements of our earth as well as the transformation of the elements; the thawing of the ice and the impact of climate change and pollution on glaciers.

These are burning issues that must be discovered, as is his pictorial work.
(A monograph of the artist “Deflagration” is on sale at the Museum shop).

We look forward to your visit and to helping you discover the immersive and innovative work of this committed and versatile artist (Grand Prix ARTIVIST Lion of Venice 2022 in relation to the environment).