Salar Bil, an Iranian artist

a la une, Fashion

Salar Bil, an Iranian artist

based in Tehran fighting for his rights

by Diane PERNET

I know you are aware of the difficulties for the LGBTQIA community in Iran. The artist Salar Bilehsavarchian aka Salar Bil is a pioneer in conceptual fashion in Iran. He has been put in jail because he is openly queer. In Iran you can be executed for being gay. Although he does not want to leave his country and is happy with his career as an artist, life there is very difficult. He fights the battle for himself but also for the others in his community. More than anything he wants to aware the abusers.

“I have to show them that you cannot jail someone who wants to speak his mind because he’s been sexually bullied by you.”



Bilehsavarchian was born on May 1, 1993 with the alter ego Salar Bil. He is the forefather of conceptual fashion based in Tehran, an Iranian artist, writer, translator who has worked for years in the field of underground art, under strict laws.he was even imprisoned by state artists who tried to sexual bully him; Saber Abar & Pantea Panahiha who are working in the projects that are produced by embezzlers, he is still promoting LGBTQIA and feminism that are illegal in Iran,he works actively in the fields of filmmaking, photography, directing, stage design, painting, fashion, hair and make up. at the same time as a voice for aspiring artists and the injustices of double standards, he’s continuing with appropriation art and makes new waves with academic articles and contacts with important icons of the art world. However, their designs were in TIMES and The Guardian UK, Vogue , L’Obs and were supported by people such as Patti Smith, Christina Aguilera, Grimes, Amanda Palmer, Erykah Badu, Cat Power and Peaches and in the fashion world by Adrian Joffe, Stefano Pilati, Michèle Lamy and many others, he tries to write to make a important impact for the industry of the world for next years.
His revolutionary street performances from Kim Gordon to Laurie Anderson from the start of COVID-19 pandemic was a freedom fighting for ladies and queers he made dog airmasks before the corona virus disease and after his revolutionary performances surprisingly the #MeToo movement that is a social activity about sexual abusing began in Iran, he started open the door to the next decade of his career, Nobel Prize winner Patti Smith made her special gifts and empowered him as a punk literature icon and Xtina wrote her appreciation letters and a signature on his painting of her,he also made clothing’s for Christina Aguilera, Ellen von Unwerth, Róisín Murphy, Boy George and Daniel Lismore is his figure in the fashion world, he’s not selling his products and he believes for a change in the fashion industry he wrote about the anthropocene age for Fashion Revolution which is a not-for-profit global movement represented by The Fashion Revolution Foundation and Fashion Revolution CIC with teams in over 100 countries around the world and back in 2015 he made a line for The World Food Programme, he went from sustainable development from food like WFP to articles about sustainable fashion, he pictured a conceptual dialectic collections: androgynous GalmRock of Bandar Abbas in front Of Anti-Capitalism Bi-On-ic. 7zār Metaphysical,all kind of Muslims in front of Curtain Of 7zār that was the stage of ladies.
FalseDichotomy that is accepting everyone’s truth in front of Bipolar that was about losing the desire to keep on going ecological feminism, branch of feminism that examines the connections between women and nature and in front of it sheathing the sword of consumerism and after that he visioned individualism and collectivism in front of poetry of liberty about an anti-Iranian occupying regime! and after that he made different collection with context and he is working  underground with no waves of accomplishment and respect to liberty of people around the world , he’s doing his part for academic articles with important icons of the world after academic degrees for fashion and art, he wanna educate himself with the advices from icons of the world and interact with them til he can make something worthy for the culture.