Here she is scouting young talent of any cord, interviewing and photographing what inspires her eyes and thrills her mind. 

Maria Haselhuber

Youth Platform Development 


A devoted photographer, creative and fashion enthusiast. She balances the art of making clothes and experimenting with film photography. She is an IFA Paris graduate currently preparing her thesis in Sustainable Fashion and Manual Printing Arts in Fashion History.

She has a deep passion for documentaries, photography and fashion and often looks to combine these interests while gaining and sharing knowledge. In her free time she investigates the possibilities of natural dying processes, having a passion for botanics, and indulges in sewing her own clothing. She told us that garments and traditional clothing, as well as photographies can speak a thousand words and tell a story or can offer a glimpse of one’s personality.




Growing up with a mother who works in an organization responsible for global warming and pollution topics, I have always had a strong awareness of global, local, and cross-continental environmental issues. From a young age, my mother taught us to separate trash, be conscious of the environment and work towards helping our Mother Earth as best as possible.