Marco Tassini

Marco TASSINI is nourishing three profound passions: the ocean, a relentless free diver and eco-artivist; photographer and movie director; with a doctorate in human rights and history of constitutions. His photographic path interweaves these universes offering us poignant videos and photographic works imbued with eco-social messages.

Self taught photographer and movie director, in 2012 Marco Tassini became professor at IED, Rome (Instituto Europeo di Design), in 2015 he moved to Paris and co-founded Mas Tassini Studio with visual artist Alexandra Mas.

From 2017 Tassini is having a video and photography chair at IFA, Paris (International Fashion Academy) where he is very active with the sustainable fashion MBA. In 2019, Mas Tassini Studio was awarded best photography by Roma Fashion Awards and in 2020, together with Shim Art Network, are creating Shim Eco, an international socio-ecological group.

Transmitting emotions through images, bearers of fashion historical resonance undoubtedly connected to the present.

Create a network of photographers who love having the camera in their hands and write images merely through the light filtered by the lens.