Discover Fipadoc 2024: A Global Showcase of Documentary Narratives in Biarritz


The 6th edition of Fipadoc, France’s premier international documentary festival, returns to Biarritz from January 19th to 27th. This unique festival heralds the onset of the new year by illuminating both the winter season and the global narrative landscape, embracing and commemorating all facets of documentary storytelling across multiple screens: from cinema, television, and series to virtual reality and podcasts interlinked with musical creation.

By the Numbers

Fipadoc 2024 boasts a staggering lineup: over 160 documentary works across diverse formats, 250 festival sessions, 110 interactions with film crews and the public, representation from 50 countries in selected films, and a substantial attendance of over 32,400 spectators from across the globe in the previous year.

Faced with the surge of images and information, faced with the ever-increasing speed of their arrival in our lives, we defend the celebration of the long term and the power of documentary views to bring us out of the shadows. In 2024, the program devotes a significant part of its selection to repairing the omissions of the past to better bring about a more desirable present.

President of Fipadoc

What to Expect :


  • Expanded Format: Starting earlier on January 17th, this extended edition offers over 140 films, 5 series, 25 short films, and 19 digital experiences.
  • Fresh Content: The festival explores diverse stories—from urban to rural, spanning cultures and sciences, representing regions from Basque country to Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • Insights and Reflections: Collaborating with La Scam and PROCIREP, Fipadoc hosts “Panoramas of Documentaries,” examining film journeys, industry strengths, financial dynamics, and future possibilities.
  • European and African Narratives: Selects “Stories of Europe” and introduces “African Stories,” showcasing films tackling contemporary African issues.
  • Immersive Experiences: “Biarritz Immersive” offers 19 unique virtual reality experiences, including “Noire,” an immersive journey into the segregated South of the United States.
  • Series and Focus: Highlights five new documentary series and a FOCUS on Italy, promising a deep dive into Italian documentary creativity.
  • Artistic Solidarity: Presents an exhibition supporting the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement, featuring posters by graphic designers and press cartoonists.
"Noire" and immersive installation for FIPADOC

Picture from the immersive installation “Noire” produced by Tania DE MONTAIGNE Stéphane FOENKINOS and Pierre-Alain GIRAUD
Excerpt :
Montgomery, Alabama, on the 2nd of March 1955, 15-year-old Claudette Colvin defiantly refused to give up her seat to a white passenger aboard the 2:30 PM bus. Despite facing threats, she remained seated. Following her arrest, she chose to challenge the city, pleading not guilty. It was an unprecedented act of courage, yet her name faded into obscurity.

Fipadoc 2024 stands as a celebration of diverse global narratives, offering immersive experiences and fresh perspectives on the art of storytelling through documentaries.

By A.Ruiz