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The Artivist group is once again making its presence felt at Aqua Art, an official selection of Art Miami Fairs. The Miami Beach venue is set to host captivating performances and an emerging art curation that is sure to grab your attention. On this occasion, Peter Hopkins and Diana Hohenthal are proud to present familiar signatures you’ve come to appreciate, such as Alexandra Mas, Roz Delacour, and Christopher Lavenair.

In addition to these renowned artists, the Art Miami selection will showcase exceptionally high-quality fine art photographic works by talents like Marco Tassini, Francois Pohu Lefevre, and Yannis Vlamos. Join us for an immersive experience that brings together established and emerging artists, creating a diverse and dynamic display of artistic expression.

Art Miami Fairs curation 2023, Art Basel
Roz Delacour at Aqua Art

“Light is everywhere, from the universe to the inside of our cells composed of electromagnetic particles. We are light. Since the inception of my work, I have been pursuing my exploration of this fragile reality that surrounds us. The desire to transcend mater is at the near of all my endeavours: from photography to filmmaking and writing. Both the artist and the scientist seek to demonstrate an intuition, a moment of insight.”

Roz Delacour

Within the realm of philosophical and artistic principles, this art group invites you to embark on a journey of reevaluating the very essence of art. The intersection of art. consumerism and digital, is explored through the distinct perspectives of accomplished artists, each offering a unique lens through which to view the world. 

Ennio SPADINI‘s painting approach is undeniably forceful and unrelenting. His art serves as a powerful medium for conveying profound manifestos through a primitive technique This uncompromising and relentless method has been his creative cornerstone since a tender age, giving birth to what he called “monsters” in his early years. Today, his commitment to this approach continues to amplify the rawness of his expression, creating an indelible impact on the viewer. It’s a testament to his lifelong dedication to a style that embodies the enduring power of his message.

Ennio Spadini Art Miami Fairs 2023
Lavenair Art Miami Fairs

LAVENAIR injects vibrancy through his dynamic brushwork over the fashion magazines. His artistic reinterpretation of the glossy pages breathes new life into the images and obtains a visual dialogue that transcends the boundaries of creativity. He immerses himself in the art work in order to write his own story. The form emerges subtly through gesso, juxtaposed colours, drips, oil pastels, acrylic and collage.

Lavenair considers himself a neo-expressionist painter, influenced by pop art. When he paints, he thinks of the muse and music.

“Emphasising the look and lips of the model are essential when I create an image. It reveals her inner beauty and thoughtful language.”

Yannis Vlamos Art Miami Fairs

Yannis VLAMOS has dedicated a significant portion of his professional life to capturing fashion shows worldwide since the mid-1980s. He embarked on this new journey by opening old film boxes stored in his Paris basement discovering with fascination that many of the ancient films had been inevitably altered by time, cold, heat dust and moisture.

« As Time Goes By » redefines art’s intrinsic significance. Here, we delve into the seamless integration of chance, hazard and accident within the creative process, echoing the sentiments of Marcel Duchamp, believing that art belongs to the world, and destiny can partake in its creation. Explore the unexpected, such as the solarisation effect in Man Ray‘s “accidental” photos, where hazard and chance steal the spotlight, blurring the lines between inspiration and improvisation.

Eloise Valli Art Miami Fairs
Karmen Kozar Art Miami Fairs
Annette Werndl Art Miami Fairs

You will have the unique opportunity to explore a rare collection of paintings curated from artists renowned for their large-scale masterpieces. Despite their diminutive size, these artworks encapsulate the vibrant and expressive qualities that define the work of three distinguished European women painters. Our presentation grants you an intimate glimpse into their creative processes, revealing the same fervent dedication and vivid energy that characterize their larger works.

Firstly, allow us to introduce Eloïse Valli, whose approach to painting harmoniously aligns with her acting method. Within her artistic process, she consistently immerses herself in works that wholeheartedly reflect her emotional presence.

Following is Karmen Kozar, whose artistic realm is defined by a rich interplay of colors and forms. When engrossed in the act of painting, she transcends the boundaries of time and space. Each brushstroke seamlessly flows into the next, creating a rhythm that gives form to the painting. The artwork seeks its completion within the vibrant palette of colors.

To bring this petite art offering to a close, we proudly present Annette Werndl, a discerning Miami connoisseur who actively participates in our patron program. Her spontaneous venture into the world of art has yielded a profusion of small yet dynamic artworks. Annette adeptly weaves immediate feelings, colors, and textures into a tapestry of constant flux. The lines themselves evolve into abstract surfaces, showcasing the transformative nature of her creations. Be sure to inquire about viewing the entire collection, as it promises to be a captivating journey into the diverse and captivating world of these accomplished artists.

Maryam Shams Art Miami Fairs 2023

The artworks of Maryam Shams unfold as mental landscapes, a testament to her mastery of painting techniques that seamlessly forge a connection between the human element and the spirit of nature. Her creations, characterised by a meditative and poetical essence, often lean towards a monochrome aesthetic or, at the very least, employ a deliberately restricted palette. Within the realm of her art, she crafts a serene space, a metaphysical sanctuary, where individuals can reconnect with their inner selves.

Through Maryam’s skillful application of paint and her nuanced understanding of the visual language, she invites viewers to immerse themselves in a contemplative journey offering a sense of tranquility, a gateway to a mental sanctuary, encouraging introspection and providing solace to those who engage with her art.

Fasnibay is a seeker, a wanderer, an absolute urban photographer whose lens captures the essence of the city in a unique and captivating manner. His works, reminiscent of a collage expression, are pure reflections of the urban landscape, presenting the city in multiplied layers. Fasnibay, the dandy, a figure of rebellious elegance, and a passionate cultural personality deeply immersed in the heartbeat of the city is unequivocally Parisian. He is a hunter of the grand shop windows where fashion moments intertwine with the reflected architecture and the passersby, capturing the vibrant pulse of the city.

In Fasnibay‘s photographs, the colors are as vivid as the city he so tenderly serves. Paris, the brilliant, the shiny, the exuberant, is encapsulated in his surprising collection of photographs that he has carried throughout the decades. His photographs transcend mere visual documentation; they tell stories of the ever-changing urban landscape and the dynamic interplay between fashion, architecture, and human presence.

Fasnibay Art Miami 2023


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