Meta-Nature AI by Miguel Chevalier

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By Enora Thirion


Enter the Meta-Nature AI presented by Miguel Chevalier at the collective exhibition “Ce que disent les plantes” (what do plants  say) at Grenier à Sel, 2 Rue du Rempart Saint-Lazare, 84000 Avignon, from October 7th to December 22nd, 2023. Meta-Nature AI is a generative virtual garden composed of different species of trees, leaves, and flowers in 2D and 3D, realistic or abstract, with images added and created by artificial intelligence.

Meta-Nature AI by Miguel Chevalier - EDGE mag

This exhibition, presented by EDIS with the sponsorship of CBA Informatique Libérale, brings together contemporary creations and herbariums, created by artists such as Donatien Aubert, Karl Blossfeldt, Betty Bui, Miguel Chevalier, Thierry Cohen, Jean Comandon, Valère Costes, Jean-Henri Fabre, Jérémy Griffaud, Fabrice Hyber, Benjamin Just, Laurent Pernot, Sabrina Ratté, Max Reichmann, Aurèce Vettier.

Miguel Chevalier previously exhibited Meta-Nature AI during a virtual reality installation for Seoul Light DDP 2023 from August 31st to September 10th, 2023, presenting an imaginary virtual nature that evolves with the four seasons. In harmony with the original music by Claude Micheli, the plants intertwine in a “mysterious plant tornado.” This work emphasized the volumes and fluid forms of the organic architecture designed by Zaha Hadid.

Kinetic Waves and Vortex 2023 are two virtual reality artworks that are currently being exhibited, specifically created for SCBX Next Tech in Bangkok.

SCBX is a 4,000-square-meter space dedicated to digital innovation and technology.

Kinetic Waves is a generative and interactive artwork with 33 different virtual geometric grids creating visually dynamic compositions and giving a three-dimensional impression on a flat surface. The visual experience is enhanced through interactivity. These virtual paintings are constantly changing, revealing increasingly surprising compositions.

Meta-Nature AI by Miguel Chevalier - EDGE mag

Vortex offers a multitude of flowing light lines that appear and circulate continuously throughout the ring. In this creation, Miguel reveals the invisible flow that drives our world, reflecting with poetry our constantly evolving technological world and evoking the idea of individual energy.