the Stéfanie Renoma gaze


G.WEN: Who is Stefanie Renoma? Photographer? Incarnation of fashion? Icon?


Stefanie Renoma: Who am I… good question, a free and creative spirit with a sharp eye ready to capture the wildest dreams and give them life through my photos…with a touch of provocation, mischief and humor.

G.WEN: I read that you are one of the most fashionable Parisian photographers. How did your passion for photography come about?

S.R.: I started 9 years ago pushed by Raphael Say…he finally managed to convince me to launch myself, to go from art director to photographer. Then the magic happened, my imagination embodied my world, and since then it has only surprised me year after year. Photography is limitless and I love exploring it.

G.WEN: Raphael Say, who is currently one of the muses of Jean Paul Gaultier for the campaign “Le Mâle”. How did you meet? How does he manifest himself in your work?

S.R.: We have known each other for light years but our meeting on earth was 10 years ago now. We are soul mates, twins, inseparable …. Raphael manifests himself on all levels because he inspires me every day and is by my side on all my most extravagant projects. 


G.WEN: The most photogenic place for you?
S.R.: The toilets 

G.WEN: What is your photographic style ?
S.R.: Provocative, borderline and funny. In short, I categorically refuse to be bored! 

G.WEN: You explore a lot the black and white in photography ?
S.R.: Yes, I love the contrasts and the play of light that black and white can offer. The possibilities are infinite and defined.

G.WEN: What are your criteria of beauty, your aesthetic canons? 
S.R.: The look, the smile, the kindness and the benevolence make any person beautiful and solar. 

G.WEN: What is your relationship with your body?
S.R.: A beautiful and mysterious playground full of hidden treasures 

G.WEN: What are your next photo projects ?
S.R.: Food fetish is a new crazy art book I’ve been working on for a few months with my editor “Normal”.

G.WEN: Do you approach self-portraiture ? 
S.R.: Yes I prefer, as I like to keep control. It’s perfect! 

G.WEN: Do you feel that you are immersed in the world of fashion?

S.R.: Of course… my brain has been boiling in it since the first day of my life and it’s been a few years now. 

G.WEN: Tell me about your creations as artistic director with your partner Antonin Cornet-Leverdier as stylist ?

S.R.: We have put our tuxedo collection on hold for a while. We will embrace it one day and wake it up again.

G.WEN: Tell me about your online label?

S.R.: It will come back…It’s resting 

G.WEN: What is your vision of fashion?
Stéphanie Renoma Not to follow it. The style must be unique to each person and reflect what you want. Fashion is freedom 

G.WEN: How do you see this glamour and rock dimension? 

S.R.: It coexists quite well when rock is glamorous enough to become one.

G.WEN: What is your ideal playlist?

S.R.: I like to listen to everything, but no matter what…Prince remains the man of my life, he lives in me and apparently he must feel good about it, because he is always there.

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