Time Poetics



signature Alexandra Mas art director

photography Marco Tassini






What meaning do we give temporality? Who sets the pace? I have often wondered if time feels the same way in a creative process as it does in any other form of work. Here, we are talking about time, its slowness, days that turn into hours and hours into minutes. We tell you about works that are part of uncountable time loops such as soul beats. With Time Poetics, we are no longer in the rhythm of the heart, inevitably tuned to the second, but in a slower period of time like a deeper breath.
Alexandra Mas

haute couture Antonio Grimaldi

Valentino – Pierpaolo Piccioli

Giambattista Valli






by Alexandra Mas

photography Marco Tassini 

stylism Benedetta Fendi & Ginevra Fendi 

beauty Eleonora Sergio 

hair style Danilo Spacca 

flower crown by Alessandra Nobile 

the cover photo was present at Le Salon des Artistes Français at Art Capital, France